Week 2 – Still Provo

Hey everyone! Its Elder Walker here still writing to you all from Provo, Utah… I have no idea why my Visa is taking so long, but I thought for sure yesterday would be my last day here.. Guess not! So I don’t have too many cool stories or anything but I’m still learning a lot and enjoying everyday. My companion (Elder Cobb) is from Tennessee and has the deepest country accent I have ever heard. It’s pretty sweet. Sometimes its hard to understand him though. I just cant wait to see what he sounds like when he picks up a little bit of the British accent on top of that. Haha

Other than that, I met this lady recently who served a mission in England too. She shared a lot of stories with me that were pretty neat. The scary part was that most of the experiences she shared with me weren’t super positive. Haha apparently missionaries get beat up sometimes in the part of England where she was serving. Good news is that I can just run away. Actually, I take that back. I might not even be able to run at the rate I’m going. I’ve gotten even fatter and slower. I weigh 149.. The most I have ever weighed by about 4 pounds.. And that is just after 2 weeks of this food! Just one more reason why I really need to get to England.
Well, not too much this week, but I’ll keep you all updated weekly! I’m sure things will pick up within the next week. Before I end this update, I want to start leaving with you all a scripture or chapter that stood out to me most during the week. This week my favorite Chapter was in the Bible- Matthew Chapter 9. In this Chapter, Christ performs many miracles to those who believe in him. Every single one of these miracles are inspiring but what I find the most inspiring is his humble nature. Even though he has the ability to perform countless number of miracles, he is still so humble that in this chapter he sits down and eats with, as the chapter describes, “sinners.” This shows his true love and humility and is something I definately hope to emulate! Well that’s all! Until next week!

Elder Walker


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