‘Ello, England!

Hello Hello everyone finally from England!
I finally made it to England! My brother should have posted my new address so get it and write me! Anyways it is definitely pretty close to what I expected, rainy and cold. Haha honestly though it is a great place. I have learned pretty quickly that the people are one of two kinds. Either really polite and kind or really angry and rude. Either way, so far I haven’t met anyone who I don’t like! Since I got to England about three weeks late, I ended up being put in a companionship that already had two Elders in it. So now there are three of us! One of them, Elder Taotua, is a Samoan from New Zealand  who tells everyone his uncle is Duane “The Rock” Johnson. Then the other is Elder Ditzler, an American from Washington. Together they are a dynamic duo, but with the three of us its just a terrible trio. We do have a lot of fun though. They are both great men and awesome missionaries.
This week I found out what missionary work is all about. We wake up and study for about 3 hours then leave the Flat (apartment) to teach. We usually have 3 or 4 appointments each day, but the time we are teaching we are either eating or walking the streets of Telford and talking to everyone we can about what a missionary is and what our purpose is. Most people are too interested, but what I have found is that there are some people who are looking for help. And finding those people is always a treat. Another thing I have learned is that this mission is all about serving the people. We are always trying to help others in any way we can. Even cutting down trees!
Staying in shape shouldn’t be too hard for at least these first three months. We bike EVERYWHERE. It actually got me sore for a couple days but I am used to it now. Spiritually, my favorite scripture this week comes from the Book of Mormon! Here in England, there are a lot of Atheist who don’t believe in a God. Of the ones I have met, they don’t have a belief because it seems that they don’t understand the nature of God. In Alma 18:22-32, Ammon, a great missionary long ago, teaches an Atheist King the nature of God. He does so very simply though as he explains that Heavenly Father watches over us and knows our true desires and thoughts. In other words, he explains that Heavenly Father’s nature is one of love and caring as he watches each and every single one of us. I love these scriptures because they not only remind me of that fact, but teach me that others need to be reminded of that as well.
I hope you will all remember that God does love you, no matter what! Well it’s about time I get ready to go! Its almost Tea (dinner) time here. But take care and I look forward to getting letters from you all! Bye bye!
Elder Walker

Thanks Kelly for inviting us in and for your hospitality!


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