Share the Desserts!

Hello Hello Hello!
My friends! First off, I love you all. Now that we have that established, this week has been great! Still learning lots and meeting many new people! In terms of crazy stories, the craziest thing yet happened to us this week, but its sorta too crazy to really tell the whole world about. All that really matters is that the people here in England are really supportive people!
I do have a nice story that I would like to share though. Yesterday, Elder Taotua and I were invited over to dinner at one of the families in our area. This family is one of the kindest families I have ever met. There’s Mama, Papa, then their two young children, Jacob (age 5) and Sarah (age 6). As we ate we shared experiences and got to know one another. At the end of dinner, it was time for dessert. Until that point the children had been on their best behavior. Suddenly, Jake started screaming and crying and ran upstairs. Elder Taotua and I were confused, but Mama quickly explained that because Jacob had been bad the previous night, he was told that he was not allowed to have dessert that night. Elder Taotua and I felt relly bad for him and felt even worse for the parents because we could see that it was killing them on the inside to see little Jake so unhappy. Finally, they started to fold and called him back downstairs. He sat staring at his mom and watched his sister happily eat her dessert. Then things got interesting. The mom looked at her daughter and said “Sarah, Mommy told Jake that he couldn’t have his dessert because he was bad last night, BUT I don’t care what YOU do with yours.” Now, it was obvious that the mom was providing an opportunity for Sarah to share her dessert with her suffering brother. Sarah didn’t quite catch on however, and said “OK!” Then continued to eat her dessert unbothered by Jacob’s staring eyes. The mom, feeling agonized that her son was suffering and that Sarah missed the point, tried again. She said, “Sarah. Listen closely. Jacob is not allowed to have HIS dessert because he was bad last night. BUT I do not care if you want to share you dessert with him so that he doesn’t have to be so sad.” Sarah looked at her mom for a couple seconds and we were all sure that she had got it this time. She then looked at Jake. After a couple seconds, she turned back to her dessert and dug right in. Feeling like the situation was hopeless, the mother told Sarah what she should have done and told her because she wouldn’t help her brother, she wouldn’t be allowed to have anymore dessert. Sarah, realizing she was going to be out of dessert soon and realizing that she would want more, quickly gave the rest of her dessert to Jake and in turn got some more herself.
This was a funny and enlightening experience to me. I love the fact that in the end the kids were able to work together to help each other. I also love the fact that the mommy provided a way for them to both be benefited. Now this applies directly to each of us. Though we may laugh at how the little girl missed the obvious point, we are all guilty of the exact same thing. I am quite sure that there are many times in each of our lives when Heavenly Father puts opportunities in our path where we could help someone in distress or suffering. Sometimes, the opportunities are strikingly obvious, however, we are to engulfed in our own desserts. Friends, let us be more aware of those around us. Let’s be sure we don’t miss that opportunity to help someone else. Let’s serve those in need. As we do so we will come to learn that “when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God” (Mosiah 2:17).
I sure hope that we can all find and serve at least ONE person this week! Love you all!
With love,
Elder Walker


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