Trust in God!

Hello Hello Hello! 
Yet another great week! The snow has all melted and I have never been happier. Yea, I did love it at first but after walking around and slipping and sliding for days, its nice to have solid ground to walk on. This week has gone by much too fast. I don’t even know what has happened this week really. They are all starting to blend together. There is one thing that I do remember though and that was because it was yesterday!
If any of you read last week’s post then you heard all about the man we met named Andy and the miracle he received. Well that’s not all! Andy came to church yesterday and we were all talking and laughing and having a good time. Before long he said, “Well, you remember when I told you about how I needed a job, then I got one?” We said yes. He then said, “Well, I still needed £3,000 as well. And I have been praying for some help, for some kind of miracle. And I knew He (God) could help me. Anyways, I got a call yesterday. It was my old battalion leader. We got to talking and he started telling me about how he was reviewing records and apparently I never got paid the full amount I was supposed to! So now, he will pay off my bills!”
WOW. What a miracle! In just 9 days he has gotten a job AND £3,000! All because he TRUSTED in God. As we learn in the Book of Mormon, “For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles…” (2 Nephi 27:23). I know this is true. I know it is true because I see miracles every day as I put my trust in Him. 
Now of course putting completely trust in God is hard. And of course He will not always answer us in the exact way we expect. But He will answer us as we open our hearts to Him and seek to do what He wants us to do. Just try it! You have nothing to lose. Only to gain! This is a win win situation, so go for it! I promise that if you do, you will be happier!
I love you all! Really.
Elder Walker

Miracles DO happen!

Hello friends!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! This is probably the most amount of snow I have ever seen ever! And for some reason, I love it! The snow has brought us a lot of fun memories and happiness! For example, getting to help Kelly’s two young children make a snowman was something that I really enjoyed! I honestly think I was just as excited as they were even though they are both under 6 years old.
This week’s post will be short. But I want to share a miracle with you all. On Wednesday, Elder Maljanen and I decided we would go and knock some doors to find someone that we could teach. Lately, we haven’t done much knocking since it hasn’t been so effective and so we were genuinely excited to do so. Vicky’s baptism was going to be that night, so before we left our flat, we prayed to find someone that would come to her baptism.
Once we got to the area we had pre-determined to go, we said another prayer, asking which particular street we should knock on. After the prayer, we both felt a strong urge to go down a particular street which only had about 20 homes on it. Although it was small, we were sure we would find someone there. Surely enough, on the 8th door we knocked and met a man named Andy. Andy WAS NOT at all interested and kept saying, “Unless you have a job to offer me or £3,000, you can not help me. I am going to get evicted in 3 days if I don’t get a job or £3,000.” We pleaded with him to allow God to help him. We promised him that God could help with anything and told him he needed only to have faith. Before long, his heart softened, and he asked us where our chapel was. We told him, then invited him to Vicky’s baptism which was going to be in about 5 hours. He accepted and told us, “If I feel like God want’s me to go, I will.”
We left on that note and prepared for the rest of the day. Hours later, as we greeted everyone for Vicky’s baptism, Andy came walking through the door. We were very excited and welcomed him and introduced him to our friends. At the end of the peaceful service, we asked Andy if we could see him this coming week. He said, “Look, I need to tell you something.” We all stepped aside so that he could tell us in private. I half expected him to tell us he wasn’t interested but instead he said, “When you two left my home, I went inside and started thinking about all the things you said. I even went upstairs and grabbed my Bible that I haven’t touched in 10 years. Now, I wasn’t sure if I believed in God. But no sooner than one hour after you two left, the phone rang. I picked it up. It was a job offer. I start tomorrow.”
I know that God lives. I know that he is aware of each of our needs and desires. He wants to help us! It is my prayer that we will each allow Him to do so!
I love you all!
Elder Walker

Share the Love

Oh what an enjoyable week I have had! This week started off just right with snow last night! It was the first time it has snowed since I have been here! Which seems a bit strange since it is always freezing cold. Other than the weather, this week we have been blessed to see one of our friends make a decision in her life that will bless her forever. Her name is Vicky and she is such a wonderful young lady. Its funny, I like to think back to my first day in England when I met Vicky.
Here I was, a brand new missionary. A bit apprehensive about what was going to happen that night and completely lost in a foreign country. My then companions Elder Taotua and Elder Ditzler told me that we were going to be teaching one of our “investigators” that night. They told me we would be teaching a whole family of these “investigators.” Feeling excited but nervous at the same time we set out for their home. When we arrived, things seemed a bit heavy and awkward. My companions introduced me as a new missionary and began to teach Vicky. Before long, her husband, Jamie, got a phone call. He seemed stressed and hung up to tell us that his mom was coming over because something awful had happened. Before long, his mother, Dawn arrived. She came in with tears in her eyes and seemed very stressed. She expressed some concerns that quite frankly, I had NEVER expected to deal with on my mission. Before long we invited them to pray for help and prepared to leave. As we got up to leave, Dawn burst into laughter. Shortly after, Elder Taotua and Elder Ditzler did the same. Confused a bit, they explained that Dawn was a member of our church and that the concerns she had expressed were not real at all. The only real parts of that night was the actual teaching of Vicky and the wonderful friendship that began with that family.
That night I learned a very valuable lesson. That these people we meet truly are our friends. As we help these friends in any way possible, we come to love them and feel as if we have known them for much longer than we actually have. We come to feel and understand in a very real sense that these people really are our brothers and sisters and that they need what we have. Why do we go and share this gospel with as many as we can meet? Whatever the initial reason, the true reason is out of a strong love for these people and a strong desire for them to have the happiness that we have been blessed to receive. If you had a cure for cancer, would you share it with all those afflicted with the disease, or keep it to yourself? This gospel we share is the cure of all trials, difficulties, and illnesses of life- we want everyone to have it! Everyone has to have it! If you don’t believe me, try it. You can see for yourself! 
I am grateful for this chance to be in England, making friends and growing within myself. I am grateful to be a missionary! I love you all, I love my family, and I love my Father in Heaven.
Elder Walker

Be Yourself

Hello hello hello! 
Another week come, another week gone. Times are flying by. In these 5 months, I feel like so much has happened! They have gone by so fast! Recently I have wondered why crazy things stopped happening to me each week. And I have concluded that they haven’t. I have just gotten so comfortable in England that it’d be crazy if these things didn’t happen! And that is what I love. I was talking with a missionary who is heading home soon just a few weeks ago, and he was telling me all his concerns with going back; he was worried he wouldn’t know how to act in normal everyday life situations. I couldn’t understand and told him to just be himself and that it’d be ok. Then he said something along the lines of, “Elder, that won’t work. We think we act normal, but the truth is, we forget just how not normal we have become.”
I have thought a lot about this. What exactly is normal? I won’t sit here and try to explain my view of normal, because obviously, my view is skewed! The truth is, whatever “normal” means, it doesn’t matter too much. What does matter is that we be ourselves. Some of us are hard on ourselves though. We may think, “Oh, well I don’t like myself.” With a thought like that, it makes it hard to act as someone or something we don’t even like. So what do we do about it? My mom emailed me a wonderful scripture this past week that answers that question beautifully. It is found in the Old Testament- Ezekiel 36:26. It reads:
“A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.”
The answer. We trust in the Lord’s ability to give us what we lack within ourselves. If it requires a lot of change to be our best selves, then so be it. On the other side of the equation, some of us think, “Oh, well that’s good, because I love how perfect I am.” This is just as dangerous. Even when we love ourselves, we must be careful to make sure we are our best selves. And we can only be our best selves with Heavenly Father’s help and with trust in His son. 
In this New Year, let us all choose to seek our best selves. By so doing, you will be happier, you will find out more of who you really are, and you will achieve great things this year!
With love,
Elder Walker

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
2013! What a good year this will be! Just think about it. 2012 was a good year. For some, it may have been the best year of their life- it was for me. For others, it may not have been exactly what you were looking for. So the question is, how do we fix it? One thing that I do know that can help is having goals and setting plans to achieve those goals. Before we get into that, I’d love to update you all on how things have been in the UK!
Well, transfer calls were on Saturday night, and although it is rare to stay in one area for 6 months, it looks like I will stay in Telford for atleast another 6 weeks! And how grateful I am! I wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye to all these wonderful people! Other than that, not too many strange things have been happening. Or atleast I am so used to a lot of things that they no longer seem strange. Since the new year, I have seen some things that seem to suggest that this will be a unique year in itself. Yesterday, we played football (soccer) and for the first time I can remember, it hurt to sprint. It actually hurt. It didn’t feel good. I was feeling a bit down, but then I saw a 3 wheeled car! It was a real car, just with two back wheels and one center front wheel! It looked hilarious! So that cheered me up quite a bit.
One thing I thought about leaving out, was the fact that I went to a track for the first time on my mission! It was horrible. I planned on doing 4x200m at 30 seconds each with a 1 minute recovery between each. I ended up doing 4x200m with a 3 minute recovery between each.. And the times were horrible. I won’t even say. But, hey, that’s ok! Track life was indeed good, but mission life is better!
A year ago, I had good new year’s resolutions. Almost all in the form of getting physically fit. This year, though only a year later, my desires are much different. They are to become who my Father in Heaven wants me to become. As I said earlier, this will only happen through planning to do so. Each of you think about what it is that you want to accomplish this year. I bet they are some wonderful thoughts and desires. Now, make a plan. Not just any plan, but one that you can periodically measure and record on your progress. In addition to this, you must ask Heavenly Father for his help- pray. If you do this, and if you align your goals and desires with His plan for you, you WILL accomplish that goal. I promise. I know because I have seen it happen in my life. Well, I am out of time! Until next time!
I love you all!
Elder Walker