Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
2013! What a good year this will be! Just think about it. 2012 was a good year. For some, it may have been the best year of their life- it was for me. For others, it may not have been exactly what you were looking for. So the question is, how do we fix it? One thing that I do know that can help is having goals and setting plans to achieve those goals. Before we get into that, I’d love to update you all on how things have been in the UK!
Well, transfer calls were on Saturday night, and although it is rare to stay in one area for 6 months, it looks like I will stay in Telford for atleast another 6 weeks! And how grateful I am! I wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye to all these wonderful people! Other than that, not too many strange things have been happening. Or atleast I am so used to a lot of things that they no longer seem strange. Since the new year, I have seen some things that seem to suggest that this will be a unique year in itself. Yesterday, we played football (soccer) and for the first time I can remember, it hurt to sprint. It actually hurt. It didn’t feel good. I was feeling a bit down, but then I saw a 3 wheeled car! It was a real car, just with two back wheels and one center front wheel! It looked hilarious! So that cheered me up quite a bit.
One thing I thought about leaving out, was the fact that I went to a track for the first time on my mission! It was horrible. I planned on doing 4x200m at 30 seconds each with a 1 minute recovery between each. I ended up doing 4x200m with a 3 minute recovery between each.. And the times were horrible. I won’t even say. But, hey, that’s ok! Track life was indeed good, but mission life is better!
A year ago, I had good new year’s resolutions. Almost all in the form of getting physically fit. This year, though only a year later, my desires are much different. They are to become who my Father in Heaven wants me to become. As I said earlier, this will only happen through planning to do so. Each of you think about what it is that you want to accomplish this year. I bet they are some wonderful thoughts and desires. Now, make a plan. Not just any plan, but one that you can periodically measure and record on your progress. In addition to this, you must ask Heavenly Father for his help- pray. If you do this, and if you align your goals and desires with His plan for you, you WILL accomplish that goal. I promise. I know because I have seen it happen in my life. Well, I am out of time! Until next time!
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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