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Oh what an enjoyable week I have had! This week started off just right with snow last night! It was the first time it has snowed since I have been here! Which seems a bit strange since it is always freezing cold. Other than the weather, this week we have been blessed to see one of our friends make a decision in her life that will bless her forever. Her name is Vicky and she is such a wonderful young lady. Its funny, I like to think back to my first day in England when I met Vicky.
Here I was, a brand new missionary. A bit apprehensive about what was going to happen that night and completely lost in a foreign country. My then companions Elder Taotua and Elder Ditzler told me that we were going to be teaching one of our “investigators” that night. They told me we would be teaching a whole family of these “investigators.” Feeling excited but nervous at the same time we set out for their home. When we arrived, things seemed a bit heavy and awkward. My companions introduced me as a new missionary and began to teach Vicky. Before long, her husband, Jamie, got a phone call. He seemed stressed and hung up to tell us that his mom was coming over because something awful had happened. Before long, his mother, Dawn arrived. She came in with tears in her eyes and seemed very stressed. She expressed some concerns that quite frankly, I had NEVER expected to deal with on my mission. Before long we invited them to pray for help and prepared to leave. As we got up to leave, Dawn burst into laughter. Shortly after, Elder Taotua and Elder Ditzler did the same. Confused a bit, they explained that Dawn was a member of our church and that the concerns she had expressed were not real at all. The only real parts of that night was the actual teaching of Vicky and the wonderful friendship that began with that family.
That night I learned a very valuable lesson. That these people we meet truly are our friends. As we help these friends in any way possible, we come to love them and feel as if we have known them for much longer than we actually have. We come to feel and understand in a very real sense that these people really are our brothers and sisters and that they need what we have. Why do we go and share this gospel with as many as we can meet? Whatever the initial reason, the true reason is out of a strong love for these people and a strong desire for them to have the happiness that we have been blessed to receive. If you had a cure for cancer, would you share it with all those afflicted with the disease, or keep it to yourself? This gospel we share is the cure of all trials, difficulties, and illnesses of life- we want everyone to have it! Everyone has to have it! If you don’t believe me, try it. You can see for yourself! 
I am grateful for this chance to be in England, making friends and growing within myself. I am grateful to be a missionary! I love you all, I love my family, and I love my Father in Heaven.
Elder Walker

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