Just a Few Lessons

Hello friends and family! I love you all. Anyways, since Thursday, things have only gotten better. I have gotten to know a lot of the members of the ward here already and have already grown and learned so many new things! Of those new things here are a few: 1) The British accent is much different the further North you go. 2) Several people have told me I DO NOT sound American (whatever that means). 3) Sharing is caring. 4) Learning to love learning= success. 5) Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
I will elaborate a bit on each of the lessons learned now. 1) I can not understand many people here. 2) I think living with a New Zealander, a Fin, a German, and an Italian have messed me up. I have subconsciously picked up on many different accents and my brain is just confused. 3) Just share. It is good and makes everyone happy. 4) This is a very important concept! If you can learn to love learning, and act on the things learned, you will be successful. Want to know how to truly love learning? Just start learning all the time as much as you can until it becomes comfortable. Then you will like it. It works.
Now for the last point, I invite you all to really focus. 5) Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This is something my Dad used to say a lot. As a child, it didn’t mean anything to me. But I now completely understand what he meant. The past few days I have felt like I couldn’t focus during my time in the flat. It was just so dirty and had rubbish everywhere! So this morning, Elder Gabler and I (both new to the flat) decided to clean. Three and a half hours later we both felt so much better! The place was finally clean! Not only did we feel physically better because we felt like we were breathing in fresh air rather than nasty odors and rotten food particles, but we actually felt the Spirit of God in the room. We couldn’t help but to sit down and put on some nice music to make things even better. Oh how much better when things are clean! It has changed my entire mood! The day seems much brighter! And so, I strongly urge every single one of you to go home and clean what is messy and make it better so that you won’t get sick and so that everything else in life can seem a bit better. I love you all!
Elder Walker

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