Changes and Miracles! Email me!

Hello Hello!
How are you all! I hope it has been a good week! We definitely saw some miracles this week so I hope that some of you are as well! In terms of any new news, there is some this week! The way it used to be in the England Manchester Mission, we were only authorized to email our family. That means we had to write our friends. But, that has changed now! We are now authorized to email friends also. So, for those of you who actually do still want to communicate with me, my email address is That will make it a lot cheaper for me and a lot easier to respond! It is a good change so hopefully I will be hearing from more of you! As a missionary, everything is so routine that we go crazy at the slightest change, so if I seem a little overly excited you’ll have to forgive me.
In terms of missionary life, some real miracles happened this week. Of the many, there are two I want to tell you all about! On Saturday, a young man named Greg was baptised here in Blackburn. He is 12 years old and is so unbelievable mature for his age. He has already had missionary experiences of his own and will be a great strength to the ward here. The best thing to see was Greg after his baptism. As he came out of the font with Elder Reali and into the bathroom he said, “Woah! I did not expect it to feel so intense. I feel SO good!” It was a wonderful experience.
The next miracle happened Thursday. Recently, I have been studying a lot about faith and what it actually is and how I can increase my own faith. One point of doctrine that has stood out to me from that study is the fact that where there is true faith, there are miracles. In other words, the power from that faith is evident. With this in mind from my personal study Thursday morning, I went out with high expectations. It was 3:59 pm and not much had happened. We were rushing to an appointment for 4 pm on a street when suddenly I got a clear, very distinct impression to knock this door right as we walked past it. Without questioning the prompting and understanding that we would now possibly be late to our appointment, I stopped a knocked it. Elder Reali looked puzzled and said, “Is this their home?” I told him it wasn’t. He then said, “Then who is it?” I told him I had no idea. Right after that response, a woman opened the door. We said hello and she said hello back. Before we could say anything else she said, “Are you the Mormons?” We said yes. And she then said, “Come on in.”
We all sat down and then she crossed her arms and looked right at us then said, “So. Are you just going to tell me how God can bless my life and help me through all my problems?” I didn’t know how to answer other than be honest so I said, “Yes.” After that we helped her as she expressed some very serious concerns and questions she had. We had a very nice visit, and will be seeing her again tonight! What a miracle! And for those of you who are wondering, no, we didn’t make it to the originally planned appointment, but they texted us shortly after 4 pm saying they would have to cancel so it all worked out!
I know that sometimes some of you can not tell if you are receiving a prompting from God or if it is your own mind telling you to do things. There is a very simple way to fix this as explained to me by my mission president. If it is a good thing to do, do it. If it isn’t don’t. It is just that easy! Don’t make it so complicated!
I love you all,
Elder Walker

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