Why? Love, of course!

Hello Hello!
Wow! With these new changes in emailing, I am sure busy! But I want to thank all of you for your support and for you emails. They do make a difference so don’t ever think that they don’t. This week the other Elders and I tried something new. There are four of us in Blackburn right now and for some reason we all sing quite well together! So, we decided to spread some joy and sing to the people! So that you can imagine what its like I will explain. Elder Gabler, from Germany, sings bass. Elder Kunzler and I, both from America, sing the melody. Elder Reali, from Italy, sings tenor. We aren’t professionals by any stretch, but it does sound ok!
So last night around 7 pm we decided we would go out and knock on doors and when they open sing to them! Just the idea was exciting, and so we set off. The first door we knocked and then waited. Before long, a lady came an opened up. Immediately, we started singing the hymn, “Nearer my God to thee.” Her face went from one of shock, to one of confusion, to one of pure joy and happiness. She ran inside and quickly returned with money. We finished the song, then told her we couldn’t accept her money. her face again looked puzzled and she asked, “Then why are you doing this?”
What a great question, “Why are you doing this?” At the time, it seemed obvious and we told her because we love to see people happy! She didn’t quite understand so we explained further that we were missionaries. It was then that she understood. She gladly invited us back for later today and we went on our way.
Today, I have thought about that question a lot. “Why are you doing this.” Why do I sing to people in their homes. Why do I laugh in the rain and snow and hail. Why do I smile when I get yelled at. Why, am I even on a mission. I want you all to know, that the answer is quite simple. I do it because of my desires. All of these things, as far as I can tell, come from one deep rooted desire within. That desire is that all may love God as I love God because that kind of love, charity, as it is called, is the bond of perfectness and peace. Who doesn’t want that? Of course we all do! And so for you all, I ask you to ponder one question, “Where are your desires?” And remember, “where your [desires] are, there where your treasures be also.”
I love you all.
Elder Walker

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