Hello hello hello!

This week has been another good one! I can’t believe how fast time is going by. So I just try to make the most of every moment. Elder DiPeri and I are still running and are getting in better shape now so the miracle continues. Today we even did a 3 minute tempo run! That’s a big deal for us. At this time, I want to teach you a British word and relate it to a word we as Americans tend to use. The word is biscuit. In America, we understand a biscuit to be a compact breakfast pastry type thing. The British, however, understand it to be something completely different.

Just a few days ago, Elder DiPeri and I went out to eat with one of the ladies in the ward. It was around lunch time and breakfast was still available. Elder DiPeri then asked, “Do they have biscuits here?” The lady we were with was confused as to why he would want a biscuit, or as she understood- a cookie. For the remainder of our time together, we tried to figure out how to explain to her what a biscuit was in America. And the final conclusion was, that because there was no equivalent in England, we simply could not do it.

Do you know how frustrating it can be to explain something to someone who just can not understand? I think we have all experienced that. What is even more frustrating is when you absolutely know what you are trying to help that person understand, but you still can not get your point across. In this case, I absolutely know what a biscuit is in America- I ate one many days of my life. But when asked to explain sufficiently what it was to someone who had no experience with one, I could not. The only way for this ward member we were with to completely understand what a biscuit is would be to experience one for herself. She would have to do something to get her hands on a biscuit so that she could eat it and thus understand better what we were trying to help her realize.

The same applies to the gospel. Sometimes we absolutely know what we are trying to explain. We know what it feels like to receive answers to prayers. We know how to recognise God’s assistance. We know how to learn from the Holy Ghost. We know all these things. Yet when we try to tell someone about it and they don’t immediately understand, we get frustrated. Rather than get frustrated, there is only one thing we can do- help them to have their own experience with the things you are trying to explain. It is only through their own experience that an understanding will be reached. As a missionary, it is not my job to convince people that what I believe in is right. It is my privilege to help people receive their own witness and to have their own experiences so that they understand exactly what I am trying to explain.

If you haven’t had your own experience, quit relying on other’s experiences and opinions- rather it be a missionary, a scientist, a parent or anything else. Simply have your own experience with God. He is the only real source of truth.

I love you all!

Elder Walker


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