Trials and more Trials

Hello again! I can’t believe another week has gone by already. It seems like every other day is a Monday! I know that that didn’t make sense, but it doesn’t make sense to me either. This week has honestly gone by much too fast. Even though it did, I was still able to learn a good lesson or two. This week more than any other since I have been in England, people have asked why trials happen. Not only have many people asked me that this week, but many others who haven’t necessarily spoken it have said it with their body language and with the way they act. There have been many dear friends this week who seem weighed down, burdened, or tired and ready to give up. They seem discouraged and wishful of a much lesser role than the one they have potential to reach. In short, they seem like they would rather shrink than take on the challenges and difficulties that lay ahead. 
It seems that just as these questions and concerns have come forth, the answers to them has fallen into my lap and I have learned much about how to handle such times. For anyone who might be having such a hard time, I would love to share some helpful things I have recently learned. 
Trials come from and happen as a result of one of two reasons. The first, is from the Devil and those trials are the result of disobedience to God’s commandments. Do not look at this as a punishment that God inflicts upon us because He wants to. Rather, look at it in its true sense. Every action has a consequence. When we choose to disobey God’s commandments, we choose the consequences associated with that action which are, in this case, attempts from Satan to make us as miserable as He is. These type of trials are destructive to us and damage us in many ways. They are not to be desired. The other type of trials are those which stretch us, improve us, and help us to become who we are ultimately able to become. These kind of trials are not the result of disobedience or sin, but are given us by our loving Heavenly Father to help us learn what we need to learn so that we can become who we need to become. Think of how gold is refined to reach its final state of perfect brilliancy. It is through the intense heat and pressure that gold becomes what it is. 
The great secret is learning and understanding the source of our trials and difficulties. If it is the result of sin or transgression, stop doing those things. These trials are not good and may prove to be more than you can handle. If it is the result of seeking to become who you need to become, then continue to press forward. These trials refine us and will never be more than we can handle. Learn where your trials come from then overcome it.
I love you
Elder Walker

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