Miracles still happen!

Hello hello hello!
What a great day! I am 20 years old! Officially no longer a teenager! Some of us would say this is a bad thing (not mentioning any names…) and some would say it is good. Honestly, I don’t know what to think! All I know is that people won’t laugh at me when I tell them I am only 19 anymore! Maybe they will be more likely to listen?
Many many many years ago, the first missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints landed on the docks of Liverpool. When they arrived immediately they saw a sign that proved to be true. It read: “Truth will prevail.” Indeed truth did prevail and those early missionaries saw many many miracles and thousands were converted to the truth. Sometimes I think we forget that miracles like that happen still today. But for those of us who sometimes need a reminder that God’s truth still produces miracles, I want to share a true story that happened here in the Liverpool Stake less than a week ago.
About a month ago two missionaries serving in a nearby ward called Warrington met a man and tried to share the gospel with him. The man said he wasn’t interested, but accepted a mormon.org card from him. That was that. Nothing more was heard of from this man for a month. Well, 4 days ago, this man saw those same two missionaries again (Elder Falke and Elder Olsen). He stopped them and told them that since the time that he got that card he had been researching the church on mormon.org. He told them about all the things he liked and finally told them that he loved the principles the church taught, the truth he read, and the feelings he had. He told them that he knew it was true. Shocked, the missionaries responded and set up a time to see him. The man’s name is Nigel.
Well, the missionaries saw Nigel the next day (3 days ago) and discussed his feelings about the church. He then told them a miracle. He said that he owned a very big business. And that the following day (Saturday) they would be having a convention where workers in that company from all over the UK gather to have trainings and share information. He told them that there would be over 2000 people there. He then told them that he planned on taking some time out of his presentation to this massive crowd to teach them about the restored church and invite them all to meet with missionaries. Excited, these two Elders called and we quickly planned and prayed together as a Zone for Nigel’s invitation to be well-received.
To make a long story shorter, Nigel did teach his company about the church. The result was outstanding. 575 people want to be taught about the gospel and agreed to being taught by missionaries. 575! Is this not a miracle? To make things even better, Nigel will be meeting with the Stake President and the Mission President tonight (Monday) at 8 pm to determine how this will be done. What they are hoping to do is to have another convention in an arena sometime within the next 4 weeks. Every single one of the 575 will come to the arena to be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Speakers will be selected most likely from the Area Presidency and perhaps within this mission. It will be a special night. Many many lives will be changed!
Now, this is a real life miracle taking place right now. Can any of us doubt that miracles still happen? I can’t! Through all of this, one phrase seems to stand out to me in my mind “Truth will Prevail.”
Love you all!
Elder Walker

Don’t choose Sin!


Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well for you all! This has been a good week for me for the most part. The only bad thing is, I am going to get fat since I am in an area with a car now… But hey everything happens for a reason right? Recently I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about correcting wrong behaviours in those that we love and care about most. I have began to learn that some things that are wrong are easy to be figured out by the individual by only asking them a few questions, but I have also began to learn that some things require a more urgent and direct correction. This week’s post will hopefully help atleast one of you. I hope to place a sense of urgency in departing from bad choice and seeking the good. I don’t want to seem angry or upset or judgmental though so please understand that I only hope to help you feel a greater sense of urgency to step away from the bad and towards the good so that you can receive the blessings associated with that.

First off I want to talk about sin. Sin is disobedience to God’s commandments. All of us have been given a gift from God to know right from wrong. We can justify to ourselves that certain things we do are ok or are acceptable, but deep down we know its wrong and more importantly God knows it is wrong. I think it is important to understand one thing. Sin can only ever result in negative consequences. No matter how much you think that that sin is benefiting you or making you happy, it is actually causing your soul to rot and bring upon you more than you can handle. Trust me when I say that sin is evil. We all sin though and all we can do is to try again to do our best, but I want to talk about those sins that everyone single one of us know are wrong. I don’t need to list them, but I can believe that we know what those are, and we know if we are committing such sins. If you are, I want you to understand the consequences. The consequences are and always will be heart-aches and broken hearts. They will be sadness, sorrow, and remorse. They will be tears and years of regret. They will be pain, and suffering. They will be full of “if onlys.” They ARE NOT good. 

Sometimes we are not the ones caught up in the actual sin, but we find ourselves watching one we love allow such actions to rot their soul from the very core. We dont always know what to do or say. What do we do then? We tell them we love them, we ask questions to gain understanding, then we help them understand why the course they are pursuing will not end well. Sometimes we wonder if it is appropriate to say anything and allow ourselves to slowly, but surely get sucked into the trap. I trust that you know when to speak up and when not to speak up. After all, we are not always required to say everything we believe, think, and feel, but we should not be caught up even looking like what we dont believe, think and feel.

There are some of us who are doing something that we know is wrong. We know that it will end bad, we know that it not only affects us, but others as well. For some reason though, we care on doing that thing. Why? Why do we choose the bad? Maybe its because we just don’t know how to change or do something different. Or maybe because we haven’t been invited to do so. Well, here is an invitation to any of us who are engaging in such serious wrong behavious. CHANGE. Change now. Don’t wait. Have the heart and courage to admit wrong, learn from the Godly sorrow that comes as a natural result of evil actions, open your heart for help, and then fix it. Make amends. Don’t wait. There is a way to rid yourself of that filthy feeling you have on the inside and there is a way to begin that process now. Just do it. Blessings come from such change that you hope for; peace, true joy, love, happiness, and a hopeful future. It is my prayer that at least one of you will have benefited from this in someway. I love you all.

Elder Walker

Moving Time!

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well! Isn’t summer a great time? So many good things happen! No school! No homework! Warm weather! Free time! It’s great isn’t it? Even here in England the weather has been nice! It was 85 degrees fahrenheit a few days ago! That’s the warmest it has been since I have been here! It’s a wonderful thing.

So the biggest news of the past 10 days- I moved again. I am in Liverpool now! Some of you may have heard of Liverpool, but it is a very significant city. Full of history. I won’t tell you about all of it but I will tell you about a couple. First, the Beatle are from Liverpool. And we all just love the Beatles. Next, the first missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints landed on the docks of Liverpool and saw many miracles. And we all just love the missionaries. I don’t have a lot of time today, so instead of telling you all about why that is so significant and all the sacrifices they made, I will invite you to research it! And like I said earlier, it is summer so I know you have time.

Love you all!

Elder Walker

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Three Topics

Heya friends!

It seems like it has been forever since I last wrote to you all! But hey, I’m sure no one missed me too much. Anyways, I have had some of the craziest experiences of my life recently that have caused me to think much various topics. I can’t decide which one I want to talk about, so I will talk about three. They are 1) Satan is real. 2) God is real, and both hears and answers prayers. 3) Light ALWAYS triumphs darkness.

1) A bit strange, I know for number one, but you must know how I feel about it. There are so many people who either believe in the Devil but not God, or God but not the Devil. This just doesn’t make sense. Everything has its opposites. We know happiness because there is sadness. We know warmth because there is cold. We can and should know there is a God because we can and should know that there is a Devil. It just makes sense. But I want you to know that I do know that the Devil, or Satan is there. And he is angry and he HATES you! Isn’t that horrible? It is, but its true. Now of course I don’t want you to read that and suddenly be afraid or fearful, because you don’t have to be. I will explain why late but for now understand that Satan is there and that if you don’t believe or understand that then he will only have more power over you.

2) God is there. He just is. rather we believe it or not He is still there and He will still love us and try to help us if only we will let Him. I want to tell a story of how I know He hears answers prayers. The past 4 months in the Blackburn Ward, we have been praying everyday that asking the Lord to allow us to have a sacrament attendance of at least 100 people by the month of June. When I arrived here in February, the average was about 70. So that would require an additional 30 people. We prayed with faith, and went to work. On Saturday, June 1st, we prayed that night, asking God to lead someone from the street into our chapel. Someone that we may not even know. Again with faith we prayed and went to bed. The next day, miracles happened. Another chapel nearby was blocked because of a road race and so many many many visitors showed up! Not only that, but the missionaries from a different ward came with some of their friends for the same reason. One of the missionaries, Elder Nebesnii, speaks Russian, Romanian and other languages. Remember that prayer when I said we asked that a random man would walk in? Well, it happened. A random man walking by the chapel stopped, looked in, and then came in. We tried speaking to him but he spoke no English! We eventually figured out that he was from Romania so Elder Nebesnii was able to speak to him! What a miracle! The one day of the year that Elder Nebesnii is there a man shows up who speaks only Romanian and is looking for a church to go to! Not to mention it was the first man in England that Elder Nebesnii has met that speaks Romanian! By the way, the sacrament attendance was 95, the highest it has been in years. God works in mysterious ways, but he does hear and answer our prayers.

3) Nothing makes me more sick than when someone believes that they must yield to darkness rather than seek to obtain light. Light ALWAYS overcomes darkness. We have been working with a girl who is quite literally being haunted by evil spirits. She is so good and wants to be even better, but feels that she can not because this evil being gets upset when she does better things. She feels like she is the slave of this demon and that she will never find happiness. That is just wrong. When we do good and do it continually, evil and darkness will have no power over us because we will be protected, Remember that because it is true.

I’ve said too much. But I hope something, even one sentence will have helped someone, even one of you. I love you all!

Elder Walker