Three Topics

Heya friends!

It seems like it has been forever since I last wrote to you all! But hey, I’m sure no one missed me too much. Anyways, I have had some of the craziest experiences of my life recently that have caused me to think much various topics. I can’t decide which one I want to talk about, so I will talk about three. They are 1) Satan is real. 2) God is real, and both hears and answers prayers. 3) Light ALWAYS triumphs darkness.

1) A bit strange, I know for number one, but you must know how I feel about it. There are so many people who either believe in the Devil but not God, or God but not the Devil. This just doesn’t make sense. Everything has its opposites. We know happiness because there is sadness. We know warmth because there is cold. We can and should know there is a God because we can and should know that there is a Devil. It just makes sense. But I want you to know that I do know that the Devil, or Satan is there. And he is angry and he HATES you! Isn’t that horrible? It is, but its true. Now of course I don’t want you to read that and suddenly be afraid or fearful, because you don’t have to be. I will explain why late but for now understand that Satan is there and that if you don’t believe or understand that then he will only have more power over you.

2) God is there. He just is. rather we believe it or not He is still there and He will still love us and try to help us if only we will let Him. I want to tell a story of how I know He hears answers prayers. The past 4 months in the Blackburn Ward, we have been praying everyday that asking the Lord to allow us to have a sacrament attendance of at least 100 people by the month of June. When I arrived here in February, the average was about 70. So that would require an additional 30 people. We prayed with faith, and went to work. On Saturday, June 1st, we prayed that night, asking God to lead someone from the street into our chapel. Someone that we may not even know. Again with faith we prayed and went to bed. The next day, miracles happened. Another chapel nearby was blocked because of a road race and so many many many visitors showed up! Not only that, but the missionaries from a different ward came with some of their friends for the same reason. One of the missionaries, Elder Nebesnii, speaks Russian, Romanian and other languages. Remember that prayer when I said we asked that a random man would walk in? Well, it happened. A random man walking by the chapel stopped, looked in, and then came in. We tried speaking to him but he spoke no English! We eventually figured out that he was from Romania so Elder Nebesnii was able to speak to him! What a miracle! The one day of the year that Elder Nebesnii is there a man shows up who speaks only Romanian and is looking for a church to go to! Not to mention it was the first man in England that Elder Nebesnii has met that speaks Romanian! By the way, the sacrament attendance was 95, the highest it has been in years. God works in mysterious ways, but he does hear and answer our prayers.

3) Nothing makes me more sick than when someone believes that they must yield to darkness rather than seek to obtain light. Light ALWAYS overcomes darkness. We have been working with a girl who is quite literally being haunted by evil spirits. She is so good and wants to be even better, but feels that she can not because this evil being gets upset when she does better things. She feels like she is the slave of this demon and that she will never find happiness. That is just wrong. When we do good and do it continually, evil and darkness will have no power over us because we will be protected, Remember that because it is true.

I’ve said too much. But I hope something, even one sentence will have helped someone, even one of you. I love you all!

Elder Walker


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