Don’t choose Sin!


Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well for you all! This has been a good week for me for the most part. The only bad thing is, I am going to get fat since I am in an area with a car now… But hey everything happens for a reason right? Recently I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about correcting wrong behaviours in those that we love and care about most. I have began to learn that some things that are wrong are easy to be figured out by the individual by only asking them a few questions, but I have also began to learn that some things require a more urgent and direct correction. This week’s post will hopefully help atleast one of you. I hope to place a sense of urgency in departing from bad choice and seeking the good. I don’t want to seem angry or upset or judgmental though so please understand that I only hope to help you feel a greater sense of urgency to step away from the bad and towards the good so that you can receive the blessings associated with that.

First off I want to talk about sin. Sin is disobedience to God’s commandments. All of us have been given a gift from God to know right from wrong. We can justify to ourselves that certain things we do are ok or are acceptable, but deep down we know its wrong and more importantly God knows it is wrong. I think it is important to understand one thing. Sin can only ever result in negative consequences. No matter how much you think that that sin is benefiting you or making you happy, it is actually causing your soul to rot and bring upon you more than you can handle. Trust me when I say that sin is evil. We all sin though and all we can do is to try again to do our best, but I want to talk about those sins that everyone single one of us know are wrong. I don’t need to list them, but I can believe that we know what those are, and we know if we are committing such sins. If you are, I want you to understand the consequences. The consequences are and always will be heart-aches and broken hearts. They will be sadness, sorrow, and remorse. They will be tears and years of regret. They will be pain, and suffering. They will be full of “if onlys.” They ARE NOT good. 

Sometimes we are not the ones caught up in the actual sin, but we find ourselves watching one we love allow such actions to rot their soul from the very core. We dont always know what to do or say. What do we do then? We tell them we love them, we ask questions to gain understanding, then we help them understand why the course they are pursuing will not end well. Sometimes we wonder if it is appropriate to say anything and allow ourselves to slowly, but surely get sucked into the trap. I trust that you know when to speak up and when not to speak up. After all, we are not always required to say everything we believe, think, and feel, but we should not be caught up even looking like what we dont believe, think and feel.

There are some of us who are doing something that we know is wrong. We know that it will end bad, we know that it not only affects us, but others as well. For some reason though, we care on doing that thing. Why? Why do we choose the bad? Maybe its because we just don’t know how to change or do something different. Or maybe because we haven’t been invited to do so. Well, here is an invitation to any of us who are engaging in such serious wrong behavious. CHANGE. Change now. Don’t wait. Have the heart and courage to admit wrong, learn from the Godly sorrow that comes as a natural result of evil actions, open your heart for help, and then fix it. Make amends. Don’t wait. There is a way to rid yourself of that filthy feeling you have on the inside and there is a way to begin that process now. Just do it. Blessings come from such change that you hope for; peace, true joy, love, happiness, and a hopeful future. It is my prayer that at least one of you will have benefited from this in someway. I love you all.

Elder Walker


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