The easy choice!

Here is this week’s post!

Hello! I want to start with some strange news… In my entire life before my mission, I was pooped on by a bird once. I think I was 6 and I remember feeling something splat in my head. I touched it, realized what it was, and instantly began to cry. I was not happy. Well, in the past 16 days I have been pooped on not once, but twice, by a bird. Once on June 15th and then theĀ second time earlier today. Why?! I do not know. I can not explain why this has happened to me twice in 16 days, and both times in front of many people who laughed and looked disgusted. I simply do not know why. But with 14 years more experience than when I was 6, I have learned some vital lessons that have helped me to suppress the tears and the anger when things happen that we just don’t understand and can not control. Those lessons are to smile and to laugh.

For every single one of us, there will come a time when things happen that are out of our control and beyond our understanding. In our own ways, each of us will be “pooped on by a bird.” In such situations, should we scream and cry and pout and yell? Should we turn against the world asking “why me?” Should we feel rejected, despised, and forsaken? Should we blame everyone and everything, seeking some sort of compensation to make up for our damaged pride? Or should we simply choose to move on? Choose to smile; choose to laugh? In essence it comes down to just two choices- choose to be bitter or choose to be sweet. To me, it seems like an easy choice! So make your choice today and stick with it! It will save a lot of time in the future!

I love you all! Keep smiling!

Elder Walker


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