The Isle of Man

Hello hello! 
How are you?! I hope you are doing well. I can tell you that I surely am! Most weeks exciting things happen, but nothing too new other than the weird everyday conversations that happen on the streets of England. Well, let me tell you, this past week has definitely been unlike any week of my life. I could tell you every reason and I probably will, but to summarize it first in one sentence, I am on the Isle of Man. What is the Isle of Man, you are probably wondering. Well you can look it up on Google. But if you are too lazy or just can’t be bothered, I will tell you. The Isle of Man is an island just West of England. It is not considered to be part of England and doesn’t even use the same money system! About a month ago my companion and I found out we would be traveling to the Isle for four days and we have been looking forward to it ever since. When we arrived Saturday by way of a 3 hour ferry across the Irish Sea, we both fell in love. It’s a great place. Since I have been here the past 3 days, I have met some of the nicest people! Everyone loves the missionaries here! Not only are the people nice, but certain roads have no speed limits! I have never, before yesterday, driven to church going nearly 100 mph. So that was a new experience. Also seeing the ocean from church wasn’t so bad either. All in all, this place is great and it has grown so much on me in just 3 days!
But as always, I did learn some life lesson from some simple everyday happening. When I arrived on Saturday, we had a bit of time to speak to people on the streets. We weren’t too sure what to expect, but felt good about the people there. Well, the very first person I spoke to told me something I had never heard of before in my life. He said he believed in God. He said he believed in evolution. Those two are common beliefs among people here. But then he said he didn’t believe that we as humans evolved from apes. What he did believe, however, was that there was an alien invasion. That these aliens came down and mated with the apes and that the offspring was mankind. Quite frankly I was not prepared for such an explanation. I took a second to digest what this man had said and tried to understand what he was telling me. Immediately two thoughts came to my mind. 1) That’s crazy. 2) To him, my belief probably sounds just as crazy. SO, we were at a stand still. Two people with very different beliefs and with no chance of either convincing the other. “What now?” I wondered. Then I remembered that God answers prayers! So what did I do? I prayed in my heart that he would feel the spirit of what we were saying for himself. So that he wouldn’t have to blindly believe what we were saying. As we continued speaking, the spirit touched him and he recognized it. His countenance changed. He slowed down, he listened. Before long, he asked us to come to his home at a later time to teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was not because we “convinced” him to believe what we said. It was not because we used “flattering words” to appeal to his belief. It was because we spoke truthfully and sincerely and trusted in God to take care of the rest. If any of you have any concern or trouble or question or whatever it may be. Don’t try to do it on your own. Just pray. Just ask. God does answer. I promise He does. So go try it, and find out for yourselves.
I love you!
Elder Walker



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