God Exists!

Nihao (Hello)!

Wo ai wo de ma ma (I love my mama). Just thought I’d throw that in there! As you can tell I’ve learned a little tiny bit of Chinese! The language is great! I want to learn it really bad, and so, hopefully while I am in Liverpool around so many Chinese speakers I will pick some of it up! This week has been another good one (I will say that every week because its true)! This week I think I found out that more of my friends than at any other point have gotten engaged! Today alone I found out that 4 are engaged! What good news! Why? Because families are a good thing! Of course they cause us a lot of problems at times and can really annoy us, but in a family is where the greatest sense of love and joy can be felt. That is true. This week we have had the priviledge of attenting the British Pageant twice! It was fantastic. As I explained, it was expected to be more than just a play or a performance. It was expected to be an experience with the Holy Spirit of God. Now, even with these expectations, I still didn’t quite grasp what it would be like. So we traveled up with Neville, one of our investigating friends who has a PhD in Genetics and a very strong science based belief. As the Pageant began, I think we all quickly realized just what the night would be like. It did not disappoint. Personally, I left with a profound feeling of gratitude. I left with a strong sense of joy and feeling in my heart that God loves every single one of us. I felt it. And I wasn’t the only one. Neville felt it, and he admitted it. And I would venture to say that every sinlge one of the 1000+ people felt it. It was simply incredible. It was a real experience. So with strengthened faith, we went out the next day ready to see miracles, and we did.

The next day Elder Ford and I were going to see a lady named Betty. It was raining heavily outside, but it just so happened that she wasn’t at home. So, we were out in the rain. Getting soaking wet, we said hello and started speaking to the first person we saw. After having a short conversation a young couple walked by and stopped to see what we were saying to their friend. They asked what we were doing, so we told them. “We are missionaries,” we said. The young man replied with a sharp, “Oh really? There is no God!” We assured him that there definitely was a God, but told him that the only way he could know was to try it for himself. This young man then said something interesting. He said, “Ok. If it stops raining, I will believe in God.” Now it is not our job to go around proving to people that God exist by granting unto them according to their tempting and taunting pleas of “if.” In this particular case, however, his words hit me. I verified with him to make sure I understood what he said then said ok. Elder Ford continued to teach the young couple while I began to pray in my heart that the rain would stop, if only for a moment. No more than 90 seconds later, the rain completely stopped. Amazed and grateful, I pointed out to the young man what had just happened. He had no idea what to say and of course he wouldn’t! He had witnessed for himself what had just happened! There wasn’t anything to say other than, “Woah.” For the next 45 minutes we taught this couple in the dry, nice weather God had given us. We then prayed, said our good byes, and got into our car. No more than 15 seconds after getting into our car to leave, the rain came down! And it came down more intensely than before. We watched as the couple scrambled for safety, again looking shocked at what they were witnessing. Lesson learned? Be careful what you ask for! Coincidence? I think not! Does God exist? That young man would now say yes! But, what do you say? There is only one way to find out!

I love you!

Elder Walker


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