Where Are Your Desires?

Hello hello!
What a jam-packed week! A lot was going on that made the week go by so fast! It was one of the best weeks of my mission though! I can’t remember if I already talked about this, but the British Pageant was fantastic. It was just so good! I left with such a feeling of gratitude to be where I am doing what I am! Not to mention I bumped into an old friend from my YSA ward when I was in Provo! And she said I have a British Accent! My companion didn’t agree, but that’s just because he is in England. Tell everyone Heather! Also I met a lady who’s parents are in my home ward! She lives in England now, but is originally from my hometown! Both on the same night! Small world huh? A few nights later, two of the Twelve visited us. It was amazing. I learned a lot from them! Now I just need to figure out what I will do and become as a result. In other news, time goes by much much much too quickly… August 8th was my one year mark. But moving on!
Recently I have thought a lot about one particular verse in the Book of Mormon. Alma 5:14- “Have ye received [Christ’s] image in your countenances?” What does that mean? Does anyone have any idea? Does it mean we should grow a beard like Christ? Does it mean we should wear what he wore? Does it mean we should have long hair? Personally, I do not believe that that is what it means. Because of the experience of visiting with two of the Lord’s Apostles, I now understand a bit more what it means. I do not think I can explain exactly what we will look like when we have received his image in our countenance, but I can explain how that process begins. It begins with our desires. Desires are a powerful thing. What we desire is what we will think. What we think is what we will consistently do. What we consistently do is what we will become. And what we become is what will, in large measure, show in our countenance. Does it make sense? So to keep it short, what we desire is ultimately what our countenance will show. Or vice versa, what our countenance shows is what we ultimately desire. I hope I haven’t lost any of you. But remember, to receive His countenance, it will begin with our desires; desires to do good. Is this not what Alma meant when he said, “let this desire work in you…”? I would ask, where are your desires?
I love you!
Elder Walker

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