Hello hello!
To be honest, I do not even entirely remember this week. I just don’t know what’s happening! Either A) I am developing some sort of memory lost or B) the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun,” is true. Or maybe they are both true. In any case, I am a missionary so life is good! This coming Wednesday I will get to race for the first time in over a year! To commemorate the first baptism in England of George D. Watt, who won a foot race to the river, we will be having a short sprint race! It will be fun to race again! We have some good sprinters in this mission so it should be interesting. As long as I don’t pull my hamstring I guess I will be ok with whatever result. I will let you all know how it goes!
Yesterday in church, a question was posed by one of the speakers in sacrament meeting, “Are you daily becoming a new and improved you?” Now, this question really did poke me in the heart. It poked so hard, that I actually wrote the question down so I wouldn’t forget it. But, what does this question mean? Well, I tried to think deeply about it and see the “deeper” meaning and make it say something profound and mysterious and what not, but after all that the question remains just as simply as it started, “Are you daily becoming a new and improved you?” Are you? Whatever that means to you, are you daily becoming better? If not, why? Why are you choosing to be mediocre? Why are you choosing not to reach your potential? I don’t know the answers to these questions. But, I do have some ideas! Maybe it is because we do not know how to become a new and improved us. Maybe it is because we do not even know what our potential is. Or maybe we do know the answer to both those questions, but have forgotten the why. All I can say is learn how and what! And, remember why or why not! Then DO something! Learning plus remembering plus doing when applied appropriately is the combination to happiness, to hope, and to healing. It is the way to peace now and forever! Does that sound good or what? Who doesn’t want that?
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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