The race!Hello everyone! This week had some exciting things happen! First was the church history tour. We traveled around different parts of North-East England and visited some of the site of the earliest missionaries! I learned so much and felt my gratitude grow for those early, faithful saints who sacrificed so much for the cause of truth. My favorite part of the tour, of course, was the race! It was really fun! I am not as unfit as I thought! Although, I think I was about 10 meters shy of pulling my quad. I could barely walk afterwards! And it was only 120 meters or so! I have a lot of work to do when I get back…

In other news! I learned a very big lesson this week! That lesson was- I am prideful! How did I figure that out? I listened to a talk entitled “Humility” by Spencer W. Kimball. Woah. It opened my eyes and enlightened my understanding as to what pride is. I never realized before or really understood what it is. But woah. I have work to do! But is it a bad thing that I realized I am prideful? I don’t think so! It just helps me to fix it! So, to be fair, I will share what I learned about pride!

There are many different definitions of pride, but the kind I am talking about is the pride within ourselves that says, “I know better…” We know better than everyone else. Or as President Kimbal put it, “Pride is knowledge that says, ‘I am glad I know so much’. Humility is wisdom that says, ‘l am glad that I know no more’.” So does that mean that pride is noticing our strengths and humility is not noticing our strengths? No that is not true. Pride is recognising our strengths and believing that they are the result of our efforts and our efforts alone. Humility is recognising our strengths as gifts from God, given to us to bless both our own and the lives of others. Pride is destructive. Humility is healing. Pride is weakness. Humility is strength. Pride is yielding to the natural man. Humility is yielding to the Spirit. So we get it I hope. Pride is bad. Humility is good. So then, how do we get rid of pride? Do we have to think less highly of ourselves? No. President Uchtdorf gave a profound and true statement as to how to fix this problem of pride. He said, “We don’t discover humility by thinking less of ourselves; we discover humility by thinking less about ourselves.”Get it? I sure hope so! Let us be humble! It really is a choice. Just find someone else to focus your attention on other than yourself! They will be blessed and so will you!

Love you!

Elder Walker


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