An Attitude of Gratitude!

Hello everyone!
Well to be honest, it has been another good week (are you surprised?)! Teaching at the school was so much fun. I loved it. The kids were actually really well behaved and had some seriously fantastic questions. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Other than teaching at a school we have taught on the streets, in the homes, in the chapel, from the car, and in just about every other setting you can imagine! Now, how can we possibly teach people in all these awkward and strange situations? By maintaining an attitude of gratitude! Let me explain.
Earlier in my mission, I was with my companion on the streets. We were headed to shop and watched as two other missionaries approached someone on the street. The conversation that ensued and that we witnessed was so so so very awkward. We even felt uncomfortable watching it! But then we realized that that is exactly what people think of us when we go up to someone and talk to them! Realizing this we just laughed. So let’s pause for one moment. Imagine this same scene. Awkwardly speaking to someone in an awkward setting and in an awkward situation. It seems like the natural thing to do is to complain and to be annoyed or embarrassed when we are put in such awkward situations, even if we cause them. Now imagine the same scene, except right in the middle of this awkwardness, rather than allow negative emotions to come in, you simply express gratitude. The situation changes! Well, maybe the situation doesn’t, but the way you perceive it does! Gratitude changes attitude and is the secret to mastering any uncomfortable situation in life. If you don’t believe me, try it next time YOU are in any such situation!
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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