Heya duck!
Weird greeting isn’t it? Tell me about it, I hear it all the time (you get used to it). Well this week had some first for me! It seems like every week does. But this one is special and would probably be a first for a lot of you. For the first time in my life, I held a chicken. Crazy? Not really. But when I add that within the same seven day span I also held someone’s pet snake and someone’s pet monkey, then it is a bit more crazy. If that was all the information I gave you then asked you to guess what country I was living in you would have probably never guessed England. A snake, a chicken and a monkey. Is this a joke? Nope. It is real life, I just thought I would share!
Well, there will be “first” in all of our lives. Rather it is good or bad, there will be things that happen to us that have never happened before. The good, we will take. We need as many pleasant surprises as possible. But it is the bad surprises that no one ever wants nor welcomes. What do we do since these surprises are certain to come to all of us at one point or another? What do we do when they arrive? Sometimes the load of life can get a bit heavy. Sometimes is gets much too heavy for us to bear alone. Why? Maybe it is because we take one current trial or unpleasant surprise that we have and apply it to the future. Or in other words, we look ahead and see only tiring day after tiring day carrying the same load that we are carrying now. Well, that load won’t always be as heavy as it is now. There are better days ahead. So I ask again, what do we do when they arrive? Do we look ahead at all? I say yes. We look ahead. We look ahead with faith and with hope believing in “good things to come.” We look to a day when things will be better and reflect and remember that this hope and faith in the future is only possible with Christ in our life. It is Him who helps us. He will not always take away our trials, but He will strengthen us to the point that we hardly notice they are there. Only He can give you this kind of faith and hope in the future. Only He can give you the peace your heart wants! Its true! I love you!
Elder Walker 

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