Gut feeling

What a good week! This week has been a week of increased faith in humanity and in God! I know, I am starting off intense this week, but I just can’t help it! Too many good things have happened that I am overly excited to tell you about, so please, please, bear with me.
So on Thursday, I went on exchange with a missionary named Elder Christiansen from Lindon, Utah. What a good man. Anyways, Elder Christiansen had an appointment to the dentist, so I tagged along. When we got there, I realized that he didn’t actually have an appointment, but that he just wanted to speak to the dentist that worked there because he had met one of her friends that said she would speak to us. This was definitely true. Upon meeting the dentist, she invited us to watch her clean a couple of mouths, to watch her do a crown, and to watch her do a regular check-up. The whole time I was so confused as to what was happening. Then, finally she asked us what school we went to. Because we were dressed up, she thought we were school kids! So, we told her we were missionaries and a good healthy conversation ensued. She had great questions and was very nice. On a side note, one of my teeth in the back has been hurting and I mentioned it to her. Instantly, she offered a free checkup and X-Ray and anything else I would need to fix it up! Faith in humanity increased! We offered to help with anything in return and she is allowing us to paint her office! What a good, healthy relationship!
Another miracle that happened this week is a continuation of one that started over 3 weeks ago. About 3 weeks ago, Elder Palmer and I were in the car driving somewhere when we passed a street named Lyndhurst Street. As we passed, I felt a strong feeling that someone there needed our help. Surely enough, just as I was opening my mouth to tell Elder Palmer the prompting I had just received, he said the same thing. So, feeling faith filled that someone was there, we went the following day. Well, surely enough on the 4th door we met Beryl. A nice old lady who has been struggling to do her Family History. So, we helped her of course and assumed that she was the lady we were looking for who needed our help. Feeling accomplished we left the street. Well, apparently, she wasn’t the only one who needed our help. A few days ago we were getting out of the car when a lady walked up to us and asked if we taught about God. We answered yes at which point she asked if we could teach her and help her to believe. We gladly accepted the invitation and asked where she lived. You guessed it, it was Lyndhurst Street! So even though we missed her the first time, God made sure that we didn’t miss her a second time. Faith in God increased!
Just pay attention to what your “gut feeling” is telling you, don’t be afraid to do the best things, and watch what kind of miracles come into your life!
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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