Hello friends! As you can tell I have started off with a new language! Can you guess what language it is? To save you the time of searching on Google or giving up, I will tell you! It is Swedish! And how do I know how to say “hello” in Swedish? Well, because I have a Swedish companion! Yep that’s right, transfers have happened and I have gotten a new companion. His name is Elder Wirtala and we actually came to England at the same time! So it’s exciting to see how we have both progressed and grown since first arriving 14 months ago.
I want to start with a poem today. Unusual I know, but here it is.
“Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.
Mary had a little lamb that grew into a sheep.
One day it joined the Mormon church, Mormon church, Mormon church.
One day it joined the Mormon church and died of lack of sleep.”
What?! It died of lack of sleep?! Hold on, just one minute. Before you decide you will NEVER join the “Mormon” church, just hear me out. So, what does this light-hearted little poem mean? To find out, let’s examine just exactly what it means to be a Latter-Day Saint Christian.
As expressed and explained beautifully just last week by President Dieter F. Uchtorf, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ is full of things to do. Included in but not limited to this lengthy list of volunteer work includes: 3 hour church meetings every Sunday; Teaching assignments; Speaking assignments; Community service projects; Meetings and Councils throughout the week; Early morning classes; and many many others. With such a long lists and with so much to do, it is no wonder the Bible reminds us to “be not weary in well doing.” But with so much to do and so little time to do it, how can we not get tired of working so hard? To what end do we work, or in other words, why in the world do we do it? Why do we volunteer so much of our time and resources?
The answer is very simply, to help and serve those whose hands hang hopelessly down. To serve those we love, God included, as we do all we can to help as He moves His great work across the Earth. Being a member of this church can be tiring and will stretch us to greater lengths than we thought possible. But I testify that as we do our best, God gives us all the strength we need to grow from a frail lamb to a faithful sheep.
I express my gratitude for those millions of Latter Day Saints who serve selflessly. I am grateful for those little lambs who have labored to become loyal sheep. Such faithful disciples of Christ include a shout out to my friend in Kendal, Roger the Nephite, who works and labors tirelessly to serve others. Thank you. I hope you all remember what it means to be a Latter Day Saint, and I hope those of you not yet with us will come and join in this great work!
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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