Gut feelings

Hello friends!
I hope you all enjoyed your week and had a good time doing whatever it is you do. I am sure you did! It hasn’t been very long since you all heard from me so please forgive me if I bore you! I will do my best to share true experiences that have happened to me since just the last time you heard from me, 3 days ago! Now before my mission, I don’t remember having spiritual experiences very often. They were very rare and far between. Now, it seems like a day doesn’t go by that I don’t have such an experience! I will tell you why I think that is, but first, a story!
Just yesterday, Elder Wirtala and I were climbing into the car after teaching a lesson in someone’s home. As we did however, I saw a lady on the opposite side of the street walking and talking on the phone. Instantly, I felt like I should talk to her. But, that it would be awkward and making the excuse that I was already in the car, I started to close the door. BUT, suddenly I remembered that these seemingly small and simple feelings ought not be ignored, and ran out to speak to her before she got away. As I said hello, she looked at me and asked what I wanted. I told her that I was a missionary and felt like I should say hello to her. She told me she was on the phone in a harsh manner, and walked away. Feeling disappointed that she did not listen, but still grateful that I had responded to a spiritual feeling or prompting, I returned to the car. When I reached the car, I heard her yelling after me. I turned around, and to my amazement, she was walking back to speak to us! We had a great conversation and she shared that she had recently returned to drinking and that she needs help. She asked if we could meet with her sometime soon. We said of course, took her details down, and will be seeing Vanessa soon! Coincedence? I think not! Miracle? I think so!
Now I wish I could tell you how many times this exact same thing has happened. All from a small feeling. Are feelings to be trusted? Are feelings really something to act upon? All I can do is tell you what I have noticed. Like I said, it seems like now a day doesn’t go by that I don’t have a spiritual experience. Am I simply having more spiritual rewards because I am on a mission? Maybe, but I think the greater reason is because I now pay attention tofeelings. At home, I didn’t focus on feelings so much. I was too busy and doing too much and focused too much on the wrong things to ever give heed to a small, quiet feeling. As a result, I don’t doubt that I missed many opportunities at having some sort of spiritual experience. So again I ask, are feelings to be trusted? Are they something to act upon? I think so! I say absolutely! But, as always, I make my disclaimer, if you don’t believe me, fine. BUT, you go try it. Listen and focus on feelings. Act on the good ones, don’t act on the bad ones. Take a look on the result both in your life and in others and see what you notice. I promise, it will be the same thing I have noticed.
I love you all! Enjoy this week!
Elder Walker

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