No no, I am not French. I just like to say hi in some way different than the highly usual and over read “hi.” I hope that’s acceptable. But what a week I have had! There have been a lot of good weeks since I have been here (pretty much all of them), but very few as full of miracles as this one has been! Usually when I talk of miracles, I am being selfish. I am thinking of the miracle I personally have witnessed or been a part of. Well, this week was so very gratifying because so many other of the missionaries around me saw miracles! Seriously, they were everywhere! More so than any other week, I heard experience after experience from missionaries of some random person walking up and asking to learn more. Asking to be taught. Asking to be helped. Asking to be baptised! Even better, most of these experiences came shortly after some sort of feeling to go this way or that way. Some feeling to ask for this in prayer or that. Well, they listened to the feeling and good things happened! I hope you can feel my excitement! I love what is happening to those around me. That is much greater joy for me than when something good happens to me.
So, what is the cause of all these miracles? Well, we learn from Moroni, a prophet living during the 5th century in the Ancient Americas, that God “worketh by power, according to the faith of His children.” What does this mean to us? It means that God will work miracles in our lives according to our faith in allowing such miracles to take place. And so we learn that faith is vital in our lives for the best things to take place. But, what is faith? Is it simply believing in something? I say it is not. No. Faith is not just believing, faith is acting. If it does not motivate and inspire to act, then it is not real faith. For example, you press the button to turn on your computer because you believe that the computer will turn on. Notice the action. Because you believedthat it would turn on, you pressed the button; you acted. That action lead to the computer coming on and a strengthening in your belief that pressing that particular “on” button will result in the computer coming on. Why do you believe that it will come on in the first place? Well quite simply because every other time in the past you have tried it, it came on. This is faith.
Now let’s translate this to Faith in Jesus Christ. Unlike the example of the computer which may experience a short in the circuit, Jesus Christ is always stable. He is something we reallycan place our trust in. How? Think back to the example of the computer. First, you had to believe enough to try. Belief enough that it motivates to action. In other words, have just a particle of faith. If you can’t muster that up, then at very least desire that you could have such a desire. This will work. Next you act! Say a prayer. Read a scripture. Go to church. Act on a feeling to do good. Any of these things will do. And what will happen? Well, you will find that it works! The computer will come on so to speak and you will have a strengthened faith in trying it again the next time. Can you see how this cycle works? Can you try it yourself? Of course you can! The benefits of such an effort are beyond your wildest dreams.
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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