Hello hello hello!

Well, it hasn’t been so long since I last wrote to you all, but so so much has happened! Where do I start. Hm let’s see. Yesterday at church, we left with food! I think that that is the first miracle! Anyone who knows me knows that I love food. Mmm. So I am grateful to leave church with a way to fill the hole that builds in my stomach over the 3 hour period. The next miracle is a miracle that does not include food, but it is still quite a large member. Sooo, tune in.

On Wednesday I arrived to the Oldham Ward in the Ashton Stake. I had heard only good things about the ward and my excitement was continually rising as I arrived. The first I noticed was the diversity! It seems like there are people from everywhere! From Poland, Iran, Hungary, and many many more! Well, I arrived, put my luggage into the flat and immediately out we went to work! Unpacking could wait! We went to a particular street and started to talk to people! the first two people we spoke to were from the Czech Republic. Both very very nice, but not very interested. So, we kept on and met a man from Romania. Instantly he seemed to take interest in us. He grabbed the Book of Mormon from our hands and marveled over it. He seemed too intrigued! So of course we were forced to teach him about it. 🙂 

But, he spoke no English. None. Not even a bit. So we quickly called another missionary serving in Preston that we knew could speak Romanian. They had a little talk, set an appointment, and off we went. A few days later, we came back to his home. He greeted us so warmly and pulled us inside. He brought us to his living room and called for his entire family. Down came child after child until, before we knew it, there were 6 children, this man, and his wife, all neatly seated and waiting for us to teach. It was amazing how humble and ready to learn they were! Well, we handed out copies of the Book of Mormon in Romanian (Carta lui Mormon), and began to teach. To make a long story shorter, he ended up inviting some friends over and before we knew it, it was a crowd of Romanians all reading and praying together. What a miracle. After the lesson, we called another companionship nearby to share the miracle with them and guess what? They have been teaching 9+ Romanians too, and guess what? These Romanians all know each other! In just a week, we are now teaching over 20 Romanians, all humble and ready to learn how to follow their Saviour. What a miracle!

This week, almost more than any other, has confirmed to me that God works in a variety of ways to accomplish His purposes. These Romanians don’t entirely know why they ended up in England. But to me, it is obvious that they were being led to the truth they so desperately want. MIRACLES!

For those of you who have already found the true church of Christ as restored by Jesus Christ Himself, there are many many people around you who want to know the truth, but just don’t know where to find it. For those of you who have not found the truth and are searching, ask the missionaries! Go online, Mormon.Org and ask them! Even invite them over to speak in person! Ask the missionaries! They can help!

I love you all!

Elder Walker


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