Here in Ashton


Hope you all are having a good week so far! Today is December 16, 2013. What happened to the year? Has it gone by as quickly for you as it has for me? I guess the technical answers is, “C’mon Elder Walker, you know time goes by the same for everyone.” Ok ok, but does it feel like it has gone by fast? It certainly does for me! I have been thinking a lot about Christmas time (as we all have) and I have had some thoughts come to me that I would love to share. I will have to do that next week!. For this week, an update on the work here in Ashton!

I start with the first day of the transfer. My companion, Elder Coleman and I, didn’t have too much going on, so we went outside to talk to some people. We ended up bumping into a Romanian man. We ended up teaching this Romanian man. We ended up meeting a lot of his friends and family. We ended up teaching all of them too. Well, you know where this is headed. Now, 19 days later we are teaching over 30 Romanians! The sister missionaries in the area have also met his friends and they are teaching about 20 or so! Between the both of us we are teaching about 50 Romanians! Isn’t that great? And they want to learn about their Saviour and they want to learn how they can follow Him. What we are currently experiencing is truly prophetic. When Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve came and visited the mission in August, he told us that soon many foreigners would be moving to England. He told us that many of them would not know why they were coming here. But that they were being led by the hand of the Lord to a land where they could more readily hear and accept the gospel. I can not help but feel that all of these Romanians and many more to come beginning next year, are a fulfillment of those prophetic words! Miracles!

So, what does this have to do with you? Why am I sharing this? I am sharing this to help you to recognise that God has a plan for you. Personally. He is trying to lead you, to guide you. He is trying to help you. Are you allowing Him to bless you? Are you living in a way that you know you should? Do you have an assurance that the course you are currently pursuing is in alignment with His will? If not, how will you obtain that assurance? There always seems to be more questions than answers, but in an attempt to help partially answer these questions I would invite you to consider just two more questions. 1) Who and what is God? 2) Who and what are you? Searching for these answers leads us to so much good and truth. Once we have found the answer to these questions, we know what we must do.

I love you all! Keep the Christmas spirit and spread the joy to those not as fortunate as you!

Elder Walker

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