Gratitude this season

Hello everyone!
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays! I definitely have! But unfortunately, I am low on time this week! And so, just a quick story!
On Christmas Eve, my companion and I were with one of our investigating families. It is a family of 11 who we have grown to love dearly. As we said our good byes to them for the evening, they looked right at us and said in their broken English, with a smile on their face, “We hope you have a Happy Christmas.” I thought my heart was going to burst. They have very little. They had no Christmas tree, no money, little food, and a home that could be soon taken from them, yet they were smiling and happy. They were not expecting any gifts from Santa and they were not expecting any nice Christmas dinner the next day, but they were happy simply because it was Christmas Eve. Earlier that day we had arranged with a member in the ward who was going around giving anonymous Christmas gifts to those in need. A “secret Santa” you could say. We had arranged for this wonderful family to receive one of these gifts. As we said goodbye, I imagined the joy that would fill their hearts upon receiving that unexpected gift and realizing that they are loved and that they are thought of. As I thought about the joy that would fill their hearts and the smile that would stretch across their faces that night upon receiving that unexpected gift, I couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed. I walked away tear-filled (I’m soft apparently) and in absolute admiration over this young family.
The message is one of gratitude. Be grateful for whatever you have. Because no matter what, we do all have something. It only takes being willing to see what that thing is.
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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