New Year!

Can you even believe it? Is it really 2014 already? Yes, yes it really is. I know that a lot of us are still in denial, but it is true. Or maybe, some of us are grateful to attempt to start fresh in a new year and to look forward to what this year may hold. Whichever way you are thinking, it is 2014 and there is nothing we can do to change that. So, what now? Well, my guess is that 80-90% of you made New Year’s Resolutions. My next guess is that 75-85% of you have already broken your New Year’s Resolution. So, again I ask, now what? Is it time to give up and go back to bad old habits saying, “there is simply no way to change for me; there is simply no hope.” I say no! But what it IS time to do is to make some real goals. A good friend of mine sent me a quote recently that says, “a goal that is not written down is merely a wish.” So I ask, are your New Year’s Resolutions real goals? Are they really meaningful to you? And if so, are they written down somewhere? If not, it is merely wishful thinking!
So is that all? Write down the goal and it will happen suddenly? Is the pen to the paper the magical secret to unleashing all of our deepest desires and dreams? I only wish it were that easy. Rather, the pen to the paper is the beginning of doing. If we actually take time to write something down, then we are (at least a little) making a sacrifice, even if it is only 1 minute of time. This minor sacrifice can lead to doing more and doing more; sacrificing more and sacrificing more, until we find ourselves on the brink of achieving our goals. But what if we sacrifice so much and still do not receive our righteous goals? Is all lost? A humble man by the name of Oliver Granger found himself in this exact predicament. Some direction given to him from the Lord can apply to all of us. “When he falls he shall rise again, for his sacrifice shall be more sacred unto me than his increase.” (Doctrine and Covenants 117:13). What we sacrifice to achieve our goals is ultimately what determines our success. Sacrifice yields success. Selfishness yields sadness.
I love you all! Happy New Year!
Elder Walker

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