Yoohoo or the Bitter Drink?


Well! This past week was very very good!  Of course, there are those days where it seems like EVERYTHING goes wrong, but, all in all, it was a good week! Recently in our area, our friends that are preparing for baptism have been experiencing some real opposition from places that, as missionaries, we feel so limited to help in. In these times, Elder Coleman and I have had to remember to have faith, and to remember that through faith, anything is possible. Literally anything. Along with faith though, HAS to come humility. There are times in our lives when we think we know what we want. We think we know why we want it. We think we know when we want it (usually NOW). But, the truth is, we are so narrow minded! As one apostle put it, “We see things in terms of yesterday and today, our Heavenly Father sees things in terms of forever.” Isn’t that a truth we could benefit by remembering? When we remember that our Father knows best, and when we remember that He does ALL things for OUR good, then we remember that no matter what, in the end, everything will work out.

  A dear friend of mine had some interesting thoughts to offer on this subject:

  “Christ drank the dregs of the bitter cup, but did not become bitter. Now me, I even catch a whiff of that bitter cup and I’m like “Hmm, yeah so Father I was thinking, ya know this whole drinking this thing..how about we toss it out, and pour me some Yoohoo?”

  This is like so many of us! Forgetting that everything the Father offers is always for our good. But that is why we are learning to become more like the Saviour. To trust more perfectly, to love more perfectly, to believe more perfectly. I agree with this friend of mine who continues to say that we have to learn to accept each and every trial and face them with hope and with faith. To learn to say, “come what may,” and love it.

I love you all!

Elder Walker