Hiya peoples!
This week was one of those eye opening kind! The kind of week where everything sinks into a clear perspective and you finally catch a glimpse of the overall picture or lesson that is intended to be learned. It started, for me, on Wednesday! My companion and I were driving to an apointment, when suddenly, and seemingly out of no where, we found ourselves in a fog so thick that we could only see a few meters in front of us. We slowed the car to a crawl and squinted as we tried to make out the layout of the road. Not only was the fog very thick, but it was night outside which made visibility even worse. As we struggled through the dark, thick fog, I could not help but recall a story in the Book of Mormon.
In the first book of Nephi, the prophet Nephi has a vision in which he watches as many of his dear friends and family attempt to make a journey along a path leading to happiness and eternal life. As they travel, they too, find themselves in a dark, thick, fog. At this point they have two options. 1) To give up and wander off and become loss. 2) To press forward, clinging to the safety measures that have been provided. Some chose option 1 and ended up lost and unhappy, and others chose option 2 and ended up safe and happy. I have read or heard this story several times. But after having been in a fog so thick, new light has been shed on this scriptural example for me. The lesson is this- We will all have times when things seem dark and any hope of a happy future does not seem possible. In these moments, we may doubt ourselves, we may doubt those we love, we may even doubt God. We must avoid those feelings; however, as we seek to press forward until we pop out on the other side, unharmed, stronger, and more trusting. I promise, that if you will hold your head high and walk with courage and with faith, you will make it through. The fog can’t last forever. Just remember that.
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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