War Chapters

Hello hello everyone!
I hope you have all had a great week! This week has been another week of hard work, rain, cold, shivers, tears, miracles, and everything else that is jumbled together in the life of a missionary. I like to think that most weeks I learn at least one lesson that will benefit me or affect me in my life, and this week was no exception.
Recently, I have been reading the war chapters of the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, there are some people who feel that the war chapters aren’t really that helpful to us today, and certainly of no use to those of us who have no intention of ever going to war. To those people I would ask, are we not in a war each and every day? Are we not fighting each and every day of our lives against the decision to do great or to do not so great? As Elder Jeffrey R Holland put it, “This is a life and death contest we are in.” How true it is! For most of us, we are aware of this very real battle we are all engaged in one way or the other, and so we choose to stay away from the bad. But, do we remember that simply staying away from the bad may not be good enough? Do we remember that if we are not looking to choose greatness; that if we are not doing our best, then we run the risk of being open to the attack of the adversary? Take the example of Lehonti for example.
Lehonti was a mighty war leader in the Book of Mormon. He and a group of his warriors had obtained the high ground over their enemies and were safe as long as they remained on top of that mount. Well, as it always goes, Lehonti was tempted to compromise his high ground. First he was tempted to come to the bottom of the mountain. He rejected such an offer, understanding the risk of compromising so greatly his standards. And so the adversary gave him an offer a little more subtle. In essence the offer was, “Ok, fair enough. How about you come down just a little bit? You can bring your guards to keep you safe if you want. I only want to talk.” And so, Lehonti came down just a tiny bit. In other words, he did not do his best to keep safe. He thought good was good enough. The result was that Lehonti went on to lose his life. If Lehonti had simply stood, did his best, and was not moved, he would have been safe.
We are all in this situation. Maybe not in a position to lose our earthly lives as much as our spiritual, but that makes it all the more important. Just remember to do your best, be great, and to “stand in holy places, and be not moved.”
I love you all!
Elder Walker

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