Hello hello!
I hope you have all had a great week! I am sure you have. This week has been full of surprises and a lot of excitement! So much has happened in this week that I feel like I could write a book! But, I guess I should keep it simple and start by saying that I have moved! I left Oldham on Friday and will be serving in Manchester for the next while! Now I know SO MANY of you are just dying to write to me so here is my new address (too much?):
Elder Shaquille Walker
8 Arlit House
11 King Way
WA14 1PS
Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to have a Skype interview with Isaac Wood of Flotrack. He asked me many question regarding running and my mission and how they have connected or not connected and it has caused me to think about the crazy things that happened to me in running immediately following my conversion into this church.
Last week I said that I would share an interesting story on the literal blessings of keeping our bodies healthy. One of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 40:31 which reads, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Why do I love it? Because it talks about running! Now most of us would not take such a scripture literally, but as a newly believing, newly baptised member of the Church of Jesus Christ, I was “naive” enough to believe it! 
During the Fall of 2011 I began running on the Brigham Young University track and field team. I had big goals. These goals were goals I had had from a young age and they were goals that I fully intended to achieve. Through all my effort and dedication however, I never seemed to be coming any closer to being at the level of competition I wanted to be at. Nevertheless, I continued. As the Fall of 2011 turned into Winter and then into Spring, I found myself competing at a much higher level than I had previously done. I seemed to be coming closer to my goals. Everyday I looked at that scripture which promised to run and not be weary and every day I believed it would happen, conditional upon me being patient and upon me keeping the commandments. With this in mind I kept working hard and then in the Summer of 2012 I was able to have the kind of success in track that I had waited so long for.
What does this have to do with you? It is to know that God can help you in any way, any aspect of your life. He helped me to have patience in training and hope to run faster. He can help you to succeed in any aspect. Only believe. Have patience. Draw on the powers of Heaven through faith. I love you all!
Stay healthy! Make good choices!
Elder Walker

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