Act on Your Own! :)

Hello hello friends!
I hope you all have had a good last couple of weeks! Have I? Of course I have! I am a missionary in England. What could be better than that? Ok ok, I know some of you instantly thought of quite a few other things you would probably rather do- Maybe like being a missionary in Malta? or Hawaii? But hey, I say England is better. Sure, the weather might be cold and rainy and most days might be a bit grey, but I love being here and I love serving here! I can say I feel like those people in the Book of Mormon who said, “…How beautiful are they (English things) to the eyes of them who there came to a knowledge of their Redeemer..” 
So these past couple of weeks in Manchester have been quite interesting. For one, I am serving in a trio again for the first time since August 2012. My companions are Elder Daniel Cox and Elder Parker Debenham. They are both from Utah and so we are all American. We have such a fun time together and we see so many miracles everyday. Recently we have been thinking a lot about things we can do to help others understand the importance of the message we share. We wanted to be more bold in inviting others to try it out for themselves to see what will happen. Well, since that companionship decision, many have accepted the invitation to try it out for themselves and the results have been miraculous. Today, in the last 6 hours, 3 people have told us they want to be baptised as a result of receiving an answer directly from God. What a miracle! They will all be baptised by the end of March. How can this happen? I have thought a lot recently about how miraculous this gospel is! As missionaries we literally invite people to go away and to act on their own and to watch what happens. We don’t prove anything to them because we can’t. We don’t force anything on them because we can’t. We simple invite them to try and we promise them that if they do, miracles will happen in their life and in the life of their family.
This same invitation is made to every single one of you! It is so simple! There are two possibilities. 1) Either the Book of Mormon is not from God and therefore from the Devil or 2) The Book of Mormon is from God and contains the words of salvation and happiness. That is it. You have to decide. And you can only do that by reading it, by praying about it, and by going to church to find out on your own. It is that simple! So what do you say? Give it a try! You have nothing to lose. This is my invitation to each of you! For those of you who are already baptised members, my invitation to you is to share what you know; because sharing is caring!
Love you all!
Elder Walker

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