The Son

Woah! What a tiring week! But, it was still good! The weather has been unbelievable and everyone is so happy! People have been so happy that in some cases it is actually a massive shock to me! For example this morning my companions and I had to leave the flat quite early (before 6:30 am…) and got into a public elevator where there were quite a few unhappy faces. It was quiet and awkward, so, as I do, I made a joke. I was half-expecting to get rebuked by someone, but they all laughed! Then I told them all that I was a Mormon missionary and a couple people instantly stopped laughing, but a couple were extra warm and friendly to me! What a difference a little sunshine can make! 
Now thinking about this, why is it that just a bit of sun can change the entire attitude of an entire nation? What is it that is so special about the sun that it has this affect on others? Without going into science that I do not pretend to understand, I want to focus on the little things the sun offers. The sun is this planet’s source of light and warmth. With the sun, we have sufficient light to see all things as they really are and to discern things that would otherwise be indiscernible. Also with the sun, we are kept alive. We receive warmth that allows us to live, to grow, and to thrive. Without this warmth, we would all die before long at all. Understanding the importance of the sun allows us to appreciate it more. 
For most of us, it is very easy to see why the sun is needed to keep our physical bodies alive and well, but what is not so easy for some of us is to see why the Son (as in the Son of God) is even more vital if we are to keep our spiritual bodies alive and well. Just as the sun sheds light on all things physical on this Earth, so too does Jesus Christ shed light on area in our lives where our vision may be obscured or our judgement impaired. Just as the sun allows us to see things as they really are and to discern things that would otherwise be indiscernible, so too does Jesus Christ allow us to look beyond the physical into a realm more meaningful, into a realm that could not otherwise be known. Just as the sun is vital to keeping us alive physically, so too is Jesus Christ vital in keeping us alive spiritually. Can you see how important the Saviour is to you, to me, and to the world? Without Him, the mood and meaning of life is no better than a cloudy, rainy day. With Him, the entire attitude changes, and warmth, hope, and brightness come into our lives.
It is my sincere desire that as many of you as possible seek to have the Son be involved in your life. By so doing, you will find your days more full of joy and happiness.
Elder Walker

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