Simple Truth

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have had a great week! For me this week has been unusual. It has been unusual in that I had the opportunity to attend the new YSA building’s dedication on Sunday night. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles was in attendance to dedicate the building. he took a tour around the building upon arrival and took time to personally greet each of the rooms in the building. When he came into the room I was in, you could feel of his love and of his genuine care for the work of salvation. You could tell that if time allowed, he would take time to get to know you personally. Of course he carried an incredible spirit with him, but the best part was, he was so real! He was not puffed up or proud or any of that. He was meek and down to earth, yet he understands that he has been called of God as an Apostle to preach the gospel. What a great experience! I hope it is one I do not forget.

Before Elder Christofferson dedicated the building, he offered some words of cousel to each of us. His message focused on being a righteous example and a beacon of light to all those we know and associate with. He powerfully and simply taught beautiful truths pertaining to the Book of Mormon and the power found therein. He taught us that it is through daily Book of Mormon reading (30 minutes if possible) that we will be given the spiritual strength to press forward through the difficulties of life and to become the people we know we need to become. Simply put, there is no other way to achieve our potential than through using the tools the Lord has given us! So simple! So true! So I have some questions for you. Are you an example to all those you associate with? Do you stand for truth and virtue? Is yours a voice of good? Do you understand your potential? Do you help others to understand their potential?

As we search for answers to these and other questions in life they help us to correct, examine, evaluate, and plan to improve ourselves. I know that as we do this, we will make a difference and these words will find truth in our lives; “You may only be one, but you are one. You can not do everything, but you can do something. What you can do, you ought to do. And what you ought to do by the grace of God you will do.”

I love you all!

Elder Walker


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