Power of Decision

Hello everyone!

I have to start by saying this week my heart has been melted a couple of times. I know, I know, I am starting off sounding really soft, but first just let me explain and I promise you will understand. Who knows, your heart might just melt a bit too. Over the past month and a half, my companion and I have gotten to know a special young lady; Sarah. We met her on the street, she accepted the gospel, and was baptised 22 days later. She was quite literally a miracle right before our eyes. This young lady is so courageous, so honest, so pure. She is very shy and has had a hard past. As a result, she sometimes has panic attacks if she is ever in a very crowded place or in a stressful situation. Well, anyone who has ever joined this church knows that you can quite quickly find yourself in crowded places. I mean church is just one big family and everyone wants to love you, but for someone who is very shy it can be quite stressful! The day she was to be confirmed, she was called to the front of the chapel to receive the Holy Ghost, and she could not do it. She was too shy, and so we did so privately after the sacrament service.

Other than this once, our friend, through the grace of God, has not had any problem with meeting the nearly 200 new faces that she now calls her family. Because she had been doing so well, we asked her if she would like to speak at what we call a fireside. It is basically a night where many new converts and returning members gather together and share their testimonies and their stories of conversion. We told her that the crowd would be a crowd of about 300. She said that she would not speak, but that she would walk to the front with me and that she would stand there while I read her testimony to everyone. And so it was.

Now, fast forward to the fireside. It was last night. Just walking into the building was a massive step for our friend. She did so courageously. When it finally came her turn to come to the front to speak, I looked at her. A look of pure terror was on her face. Sensing her apprehension, I quietly whispered, “It’s ok. You don’t have to come up. I will just go and read it for you.” At once, she looked up at me, straight in the eye and said, “I have to do it. I will do it.” And then she stood and we went to the front. I proceeded with her, introduced her, and read her testimony. It touched many.

Now this lesson was one that I will never forget. The firmness in her voice and the determination in her eyes taught me the power of decision. Sarah decided that no matter what, she would get up there. When I doubted and gave her the easy way out, she did not allow herself that path. Instead, she took the road less traveled, performed what I consider to be an answer to prayer and a miracle, and blessed the lives of many. We all have our own challenges. But are we as brave and courageous as Sarah? Are we willing to take the road less traveled for the prize? If not, we must change. Unless we understand that we are here to be challenged, to grow, and to learn, then we will never reach our potential. Sarah understood and as a result took one step closer to becoming who she yearns to become.

Has your heart melted? If not read it again! I love you all!

Elder Walker


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