Experience and Faith

Here is this week’s post!
Hello everyone! As you might be expecting, I am doing well! Having a great day! Happy, healthy, and excited! So pretty much, not much too new since last week. Since last week; however, I have grown in one attribute in particular, in faith. Why? Because recently I have had an experience that builds faith. And so, going off of that, I want to talk about faith. Exactly what it is, how you gain faith, and why it is so important to each of us. First, faith is something we all have. When I refer to faith, I don’t refer to the kind of blind belief that so many call faith. I am speaking of belief based on experience. The kind of belief that can and should lead to knowledge. For instance, we each believe that the Sun will rise tomorrow because it has risen every single day of our life. That kind of faith is based on experience and because experience has shown that the Sun rises every day, we would each say with no hesitation, “I know the Sun will rise tomorrow.” In a similar way, we can have faith to know that God lives as we experience what He offers. And so to gain that faith, we must act. It is just that simple. With that background of understanding how faith is gained and how faith is understood, I want to tell you all a story!
On the 28th of April, just a couple weeks ago, my companions and I met a man named Paul. Paul was your average mechanic living a humble life in a humble abode. We spoke to him on the street and set up an appointment to come teach him. Nearly a week later, we went to teach Paul. As we taught him, he expressed his inability to believe what we believe. He said he just could not do it. And so, we explained that faith can be gained, but that it requires action to receive evidence. He accepted and so we set up another appointment to see him. Nearly another week later (a few days ago) we went to teach Paul again. He started the lesson by expressing his opinion of why we were not correct. We listened then simply invited him to pray, to read, and to attend church. We promised that if he would, God would answer him in a personal and real way. He accepted. The next day he came to church, and then we went to teach him in the evening. In between, something miraculous happened to Paul. In short, he received a definite answer from God that what we say is true. The manner he received an answer was very special, and sacred. His immediate desire as a result was to be baptised and he will have that opportunity on the 24th of May! Paul’s answer increased and reaffirmed my faith that if we will just act, any of us can receive our own personal answer.
I hope you all know that I know that this church I represent is true! It is real! And you have the opportunity to find out for yourself! Take advantage!
Elder Walker



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