What a wonderful week! Recently, Heavenly Father has been pouring out miracles upon so many of our friends here! He has been giving our investigating friends such miraculous witnesses that are personal to them- witnesses that allow them to know that this is His church. For this post, I would just love to tell you all about a few of the recent converts we have been blessed to work with. I promise, by the end of this post, you will love them like we love them for who they are and for the decisions they have made.

Let’s start with Amanda. Amanda is a recent convert of about 4 months now. She is a part of the Trifecta (the perfect trio of recent converts- including Sarah and Mel also). Amanda met the missionaries on the street. Initially she thought they were really weird, and still does, but allowed them to come only because she was too nice to say no! That kindness led Amanda to feeling of the goodness of the Gospel and to making a life changing decision. For Amanda, it all happened very quickly! Only over a matter of weeks! She is a stalwart pioneer and does so much to help her friends and family to see and understand the goodness the Gospel offers. She is the member missionary of member missionaries.

And then there is Sarah. Sarah was met on the street outside of Tesco on a early March afternoon! She also thought the missionaries were very strange! But she allowed us to come and see her. Sarah quickly found the relevance of the Gospel in her life and was baptised in late March. As she has continued to learn and grow and keep her covenants, she has been blessed with added courage and strength. She is so much different than the first time we met her! And most importantly, she continues to learn and grow every day! Oh, and if you ever need an honest, straight forward answer, Sarah will give it to you.

And then there is Mel. Mel was introduced to the missionaries through Amanda! A fact is that after our first lesson, Mel NEVER wanted to see us again. She even declined a return visit! But over a short period of time real life miracles happened to her that could not be explained through any other way than the existence of a Father in Heaven who loved her. We soon saw her again and not too long after that Mel took the steps she knew she needed to take! Having been baptised for three weeks now, she is preparing to be a missionary next year! Miracle!

Kate and Kiri are just the most incredible Mother-Daughter duo. They met the missionaries at their doorstep and began to meet with them more regularly. They were baptised in March. As they progressed in the Gospel they faced and overcame EVERY challenge that could be thrown at them. I have never seen two people go through so much in such a short period of time. But they held hands, put their heads down, grit their teeth together, and pressed forward into the Saviour’s church! Fasting in faith was such a huge part of them receiving their witness! They are super and I know that no matter what trials they face, together they will overcome!

Next is Ken and Levie. These two are just saints. Levie is from the Philippines and Ken is from England and they are both simply incredible. Ken met missionaries on the street days after he prayed to find the true church. He nearly instantly recognised the missionaries as the Lord’s servants and received a witness through the power of the Holy Ghost that he had finally found what he was looking for. Levie, on the other hand, was not so quick to agree. As Levie was continually taught, it came to the point where she decided that she would not be baptised unless she felt that God told her to. Ken prayed with faith that God would provide his wife with the witness she needed so that he could be sealed in the temple with her and their little boy for all time and eternity. After a couple weeks of faithful prayer, Heavenly Father provided. Levie received a witness in the middle of the night, through a dream, that she would indeed be sealed in the temple to her family. She awoke crying and awoke Ken to tell him she wanted to be baptised. Ken was baptised three weeks ago and will have the privilege of baptising his wife this weekend.

Paul is one of the most faithful people I have ever met. He met missionaries on the street and was not very sure if he believed anything they said. Because he was kind, he agreed to meet with them again. After a couple lessons, Paul told the Elders that he just couldn’t believe it. They invited him to church and he accepted. He came to church and enjoyed it, but just couldn’t believe it. Later that day, however, Paul received an undeniable witness that God was real. Paul came to know in a very real way that what the missionaries taught was truth. He contacted the missionaries instantly, told them of his witness, and asked for baptism as soon as possible. He was baptised just days ago.

Can you see the miracles that we experience daily? Can you even begin to understand how much joy we feel when our good friends make good decisions that we know will bless them forever? More importantly, do you understand that these experiences with God are not limited to a select few? That you can receive your own witness just as soon as you sincerely and humbly ask? I hope that you do understand that! I hope that you do understand that these friends of ours have had their own experiences, wherefore they know! You can too!

I love you all!

Elder Walker