Be humble!

Here is this week’s post!
So it has been a couple weeks since you have all heard from me! Don’t worry, I am still alive and well. I hope that you have all been enjoying your summer weather! Assuming you have been having summer weather that is. Here in England, we have had a couple of great days! But that is about it. But hey, do I complain? I do not! Why? Because I am a missionary! As missionaries we learn so many lessons about missionary work of course, but about life generally as well. One of these lessons that I have been thinking a lot about lately is attaining the attribute of humility. What is humility? Humility is the ability to be humble. What does it mean to be humble? It means to be meek, teachable, and temperate. So to acquire humility is to acquire the ability to be meek, teachable and temperate. 
At some point in our lives, most of us hit this stage where we begin to think we know everything. This age is usually (as parents attest) around the time of teenage years. While it may be a fun joke that teenagers know everything, it can be quite damaging if we actually begin to believe this little anecdote. We do not know everything. In fact, we do not know most things! It is pride to think so, the opposite of humility. Pride is destructive and should be avoided like the plague. And why would we want to be prideful anyways? Why would we want to cease learning, growing, and changing? Why would we not want to become happier and healthier? Why would we not want to love more fully and be more fully in control of ourselves? Who wants to lack any degree of happiness? I surely don’t! And I do not believe that you do either! The antidote to these problems and restraints is to be humble. Humility is happiness. I have learned that here as a missionary. I hope you will each choose to be humble! It is a choice! I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Walker

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