Lesson Number 3

Hello friends!
Another week has gone by! And what a crazy crazy week it has been! This week has been full of emotion and ups and downs! On Friday, my companion and I said our farewells to our dear mission president, President Preston, and his wife, Sister Preston. They have completed their 3 year assignment and returned home. We will miss them so much, but we are so grateful for lessons that they taught us on choosing the right! The lessons they taught us on being a disciple and learning to do the right thing because we want to, not because we feel like we have to, will bless my life forever. I am so grateful for them! Even as we said goodbye to them, our new mission president and his wife arrived! They are called President and Sister Ulrich. They come from Sandy, Utah and are just the kindest, most energetic and enthusiastic people ever! In the last 5 days, my companion and I have spent most of each day with them and have already learned to love them and to trust them. They truly are inspiring! I look forward to spending another 4 weeks with them!
Now, back to the lessons I have learned here. This week is lesson number 3 and is a continuation of the past two weeks. Exactly one year ago, I was living in Liverpool. Liverpool was very different and unlike any place I had ever lived. Different cultures, different accents, and different missionary work! The work in Liverpool was always exciting because every day brought its own surprises. As I lived day to day, I felt more and more confident that I knew what I was doing. Perhaps, I became a bit too confident. Feeling like I could take on the world and feeling like everything was too easy for me, I began to boast in my own skills and in my own accomplishments. I started doing things my way, thinking that my way was the best way. Maybe I did not consciously make the decision to do things the way I wanted all at once, but slowly, pride began to creep into my thoughts and worked its way into my actions. Within days of this incorrect assumption, everything fell apart. I found that for the first time on my mission, I had hardly no one to teach. I was confused as to why I was not having success. I ran over every possible solution in my brain and could find nothing. After all, I was doing everything skillfully and with great confidence. The problem was, however, that the confidence was more in myself than in God. Finally after nearly 1 month of having no success, I was humbled to the point of genuine, sincere prayer. I truly wanted to know what was going wrong. I received a simple, but powerful answer. The answer was to humble myself and to do things His way, not mine. To make a long story shorter, I repented- I changed my ways into His ways and saw immediate success in great measure. In thinking back on that experience which lasted in full over 3 months, I have learned that humility is the concept that allows us to improve and to learn. It allows us to see what we may really become. In short, humility is happiness.
I know that when we trust more in ourselves than in God we will not be happy. I know that when we trust in God more than in ourselves we will be happy.
I love you all!
Elder Walker



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