Lesson Number 4

Another wonderful week has gone by! More lessons have learned and my love of missionary work has gotten even stronger! I know you are all busy, so I won’t rattle on forever. Last week I spoke on the third major lesson I have learned as a missionary. This week I will speak on the fourth. This week there is nothing complex about what I learned. It is quite simple in fact. The simple lesson is on the power of faith. After I left Liverpool I went to the Newcastle-Under-Lyme ward in the Newcastle-Under-Lyme Stake. This was the same stake where I began my mission and going back there really got me excited! I had seen so many miracles in that same stake already and truly came to expect miracles daily. Within days of my arrival, I received a powerful spiritual experience that reminded me to refocus on the power of faith. With my faith focused on seeing miracles and sharing miracles, we went to work. To keep it very simple, we saw daily miracles. REAL miracles. The kind of miracles that just blow your mind and teach you so specifically that faith truly does lead to miracles. 
Not only did I learn how powerful faith is, but I also learned that faith is a catalyst to everything in life. Not just a catalyst to missionary work, but literally to everything. We do the things we do because we believe that something will happen as a result. Whether it is having the faith in a television remote to turn on a television or getting out of bed because we believe the sun will rise, faith leads to action. It really is a motivating force in our lives. Can you see how having a true faith in the most loving, most powerful, most caring being in the universe can lead us to do many good things and to become our very best selves? Faith is a catalyst to action. Faith in Jesus Christ is a catalyst to perfect action.
I love you all!
Elder Walker



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