Lesson Number 5

Another warm and friendly greeting!
So the clock keeps on ticking even if I am completely unaware! I can not believe that I have been living in England for nearly two years now! It is just beyond me. Anyways, last weeks I shared the lesson of faith. I have continued to learn more about that and would love to share a quick miracle before I move on to the next major lesson I learned here!
Two days ago, Elder DiPeri and I went out to find people to teach first thing in the morning and quickly ran into a man named Anthony. He let us in and then told us that the day before he said a prayer to God asking to be guided to the true church. He even wrote the prayer down and showed us! It said something like, “July 12th will be the day I turn my life to God. I want to give up all my addictions. I want the best for my family. Please guide me and show me the way. Give me a sign to join your church.” And now the very next morning he meets two missionaries on the street! He was blown away! Even more, he found out that morning that his partner was pregnant with their second child! It gave him an even greater motivation to change and he is now making so many changes in his life to do what he knows he should do! MIRACLE!

These kind of miracles happen all the time as a missionary. We come to know in a very real way that we are guided. Such guidance has come to me throughout my entire mission, but one time in particular that I remember was when I lived in Oldham. When I arrived in Oldham, I was not exactly sure why I had been moved from Newcastle-Under-Lyme right when everything was going so well! I soon found out. Within days of being in Oldham, my companion and I were guided to prepared people and soon found ourselves teaching over 90 people! Some were Hungarian, some were Czech, some were Romanian, and some were English. It was the busiest time of my mission. All day every day we were going from appointment to appointment, teaching families. Teaching in different languages the best we could and seeing miracles! Everything was just great! We even had 16 people that we were teaching come to church in a single week! We were having a blast! Well within one week from when we had 16 people at church and over 90 people to teach everything seemed to fall apart. Of the 90+ that we had been teaching consistently, 70 of them dropped almost instantly. All 16 of the 16 that came to church decided not to come back. A baptism that was scheduled fell through days before. We were in absolute agony! Why was everything going wrong? Were we doing something wrong? That was perhaps the hardest part, not being able to identify what was causing these things to happen. I remember one Sunday I sat in sacrament meeting just trying to pinpoint exactly what I was doing wrong to cause so much of a drop so suddenly. I was really thinking hard and nothing was coming! Then a sudden thought came to me. Words found in the scriptures that Job said, “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” Now I am not saying that the Lord took away those people from attending his church. But I learned the lesson. Everything is Heavenly Fathers’. I understood that I needed to be humble and malleable and to be patient in His timing.

I love you all and hope that you too can learn patience and trust in His timing!

Elder Walker



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