Lesson Number 6

Hello friends!

So! Over the past 5 weeks I have been summarizing the main lessons I have learned during my time in England. Well, today is going to be the sixth of the six main lessons. That lesson is the importance of desires. As I continue, forgive me if I get really serious, but I feel like I have to to really get the point across that our most deeply rooted desires are granted to us. Throughout my mission, I have been blessed to see many many miracles. I can’t think of a “normal” day; not one. I have loved every single minute and every single second. Every moment has been simply incredible. Now that doesn’t mean that I have been on a cloud for 2 years, completely oblivious to the world around me, but it does mean that I have felt God’s love and have remembered His goodness to me. There have been trying times. There have been laughing times (lots of those). There have been crying times. Through it all, and no matter what the situation, I have learned to be very careful where my immediate desires are.

For these past two years, my overriding desire has been to serve and help as many people as possible by inviting them to come to Christ. That has always been my main desire. What I have found, however, is that immediate desires can quickly overpower overriding desires. For example, there has been more than once on my mission when it was pouring down rain while we were out working. In the early parts of my mission, it was very easy to think, “If only I could be inside my flat and not getting rained on.” The irony of it was that as soon as I thought that thought, my desires had shifted from teaching people to be inside and comfortable. As a result, I could be sure that for the remainder of the day I would be out in the rain with no success. See how it works? Later in my mission I learned to shift that thought to “If only I could be teaching people instead of just walking in the rain.” And suddenly I found myself out of the rain and into people’s homes! See how that works? Our immediate desires are very powerful. It is no wonder that that old saying says, “be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it.” Experience has taught me, “be careful what you desire, because you will get it.”

I love England. I love the people here. I still have one week so I won’t close just yet! I have one overall lesson I have learned to share still! that’s next week! Love you all!

Elder Walker


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