Hello hello!
Well, it is strange sitting here typing this from England when I know it will be my final email that I send in this country. I can not believe that two years have passed! I honestly can not believe it! I have loved my time here. Every single moment! There has not been one moment where I wished I was somewhere else. It has been, like some may say, the best two years of my life to date. Why has it been the best two years? It is very simple. Because of the marvellous experiences I have had every single day. Not one day has been dull or boring or uneventful. Every day has been miraculous, adventurous, and eventful! I have loved it. I do not know if I can say it more strongly or if I can feel more passionately about this privilege that I have had. 
I have learned so many things about people, about myself, and most importantly, about Heavenly Father. He is our Father. He does love us. He does all things for our benefit. Jesus Christ is His son. He also loves us. He does all that He does for us! They both do! They are missionary Gods! Everything they do and everything they are is for others. Their entire purpose is to help us find happiness and eternal increase. And if they are the happiest beings in the universe by focusing on others, should we not do the same? That is the theme I have noticed on my mission. Focusing on helping others (missionary work) is the greatest secret to happiness in this life and the next. Isn’t that great? To know these things? It brings such joy, peace, and comfort! God really does love missionary work. It is what He does 24/7 for eternity. I love missionary work. I have had the privilege of experiencing the joys of it 24/7 for two years. Just because I am being released however, does not mean that I have to stop helping and serving others and sharing what I know brings happiness! I have an eternity to get this right and the sooner the better, so why not keep going with the things that I have learned? Why not serve and love and share as I have been learning to do these past two years? There is no reason why I shouldn’t!
I love you all. I hope you can feel of my love of England and of the people here. I hope you know that I do know that God lives. He cares for us. And that if any of you have any questions, you can ask me them and I would be overjoyed to help! In closing, I testify that we are each given exactly what we need. I testify that as we look for the good in situations and change our attitudes to that of gratitude that we will be happy. We can all come to know the truth of all things as we open our hearts. God lives. His Son lives. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His church. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
See you all soon!
Elder Walker

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