These past 10 days have been pretty good! I am feeling healthier and happier as a result of running so that makes things better too! Yes, we are still running in the mornings and have actually started doing some tempo runs and small variations of workouts I have done in the past. I thought it would make me tired for the rest of the day, but it actually makes me feel better until its time to go to bed. Then I am out cold. So it’s only had good results so far! Cutting out all sweets and drinks other than water from the diet helped too! I probably haven’t lost too much if any weight, but at least I feel better!

Now since I have been running there is something I have noticed. The first time I ran, I was just tired and miserable and upset at how out of shape I was. Now, just about two weeks later, I feel better and stronger and faster every day. My body has reacted and is quickly gaining back the shape that I was in. I think this is interesting. That something my body had completely lost and forgotten is gained back, to my blessing, with a little effort on my behalf. This example of the way my body has responded to obtaining a form it once had is very similar to one aspect in particular of the Gospel. As is evidenced in the Bible (Job 38:7; Jeremiah 1:5) coupled with revelation in these times, we know we existed before we were born on this Earth. We existed as spirits of our Heavenly Father and lived with Him. We learn from Revelation 12 of the war in Heaven between good and evil and that that war continues on on the Earth today. Satan, represented by the dragon in this chapter, drew 1/3 part of the stars of heaven with him. That is to say, 1/3 of the host of heaven chose his plan which was contrary to that of Heavenly Father’s and His chosen son, Jesus Christ. As a result, they were not blessed with a chance to learn and grow in bodies on Earth. So if 1/3 went with Satan, what happened to the other 2/3? They chose their Heavenly Father’s plan for them and Christ as their Saviour and Reedemer. That 2/3 was sent to Earth to obtain bodies to learn and grow and become more like their Heavenly Father. That 2/3 is us!

Just as my muscles recognized the familiar motions of running and quickly learned and changed as I put in effort, we too will have the same experience as we put in effort to learning the Gospel. It will just feel right, or just make sense. It will seem as if we already knew it deep down and that is because we do! If this didn’t make any sense, put in some effort and figure out a way to better understand! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life!

Love you all!

Elder Walker


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